My Favorite Face Brushes

A while back I did a post all bout my favorite eye brushes, so I decided to do the same for face brushes! These are all the brushes that I always find myself reaching for. I usually apply a lot of face products with my Beauty Blender, but for whenever I don’t, these are the tools I use!

Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 $24.00


This brush from Sephora is so soft, but stiff enough to blend my concealer nicely. I love using this to blend in my under eye concealer, and then I finish it up with a beauty blender. This never makes product look streaky or caked on, and it doesn’t soak up product. I sometimes also use this to blend out cream face products or eyeshadows.

Real Techniques Setting Brush $7.99


I use this brush every single day. Nothing sets my under eye concealer like this brush. The bristles are soft enough not to irritate my eyes, but stiff and thick enough to apply a good amount of powder. The shape also fits perfectly underneath my eye. If you set your under eye concealer, you need to give this brush a try!

Crown Brushes C427 Tapered Duo Fiber Blush Brush $9.49


This is my favorite one, but any duo fiber brush will do! I always need to have a soft duo fiber brush on hand, because they are my favorite brush to apply highlight with. I have used fan brushes and smaller brushes, but I always go back to this. I don’t like a tiny line of highlight, I prefer a more blown out glowy look, and this gives me that every time. I also love using this brush to apply very intense pigmented blush because it makes the color apply more natural and subtle.

Real Techniques Blush Brush $8.99


For my more muted, everyday blushes though, this is my go to. This brush is so soft, and the shape is perfect for dabbing blush on the apples of my cheeks. I also like using this brush with very dark bronzer, because it applies everything softly and blown out.

Eco Tools Domed Bronzer Brush $9.99


There are two things I use this brush for: applying subtle bronzer and blending everything together. Because it is so big and fluffy, it distributes powder well without looking patchy. This is also great for blurring out any harsh lines. If my blush, bronzer and highlighter are looking a little odd and stripey, I just use this to blur everything together.

Let me know your favorite every day face brushes!

Glowingly yours,


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