January Favorites 2017

Grab a snack, because I have a whole lot of favorites this month! I have really been playing around with a lot of new products this month, and I have found a lot of great new items to share with y’all! Because there are so many products, I won’t be going into too much detail about each item, just some quick thoughts. Let’s get started!

Elf Moisturizing Foundation Stick in Ivory $6.00

I have been testing out a whole lot of foundation sticks in preparation for a mega post comparison of a bunch of them. This one from elf has really impressed me, especially in this winter weather. Because of how moisturizing it is, I don’t have to worry about any dry patches or flakiness, but it still lasts a long time on my skin. And on top of all that, it is super affordable!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Light $24.00

I know I have spoken about this concealer a million times, but I got one of the new shades and it matches my skin much better. I won’t go on and on about how great this stuff is, just know that it’s the only thing that has been on my face all month.

Sleek Blush in Suede $7.99


I know this blush looks very underwhelming and boring, but I promise on the skin it gives a lovely subtle hint of color. On me it looks like a mix between a blush and a bronzer, so it gives me life without looking overdone.

Girlactik Matte Bronzer in Cabo $26.00

I bought this after hearing Kathleen Lights rave about it multiple times. I love Girlactik face products, they are so subtle and natural looking while staying pigmented and never patchy. I have the shade Casablanca, which is darker and warmer, so I wanted this one to use for contouring. This looks warm when it’s swatched, but on the skin it comes off as very neutral and natural.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Koosh $5.00


“ultra metallic finish icy silver taupe

I bought this because Tati from Glam Life Guru always talks about how great it is. This shade is super metallic and opaque without looking glittery or tacky. I have been loving this on the center of my lid for a beautiful halo eye. This also works great as an inner corner highlight for any cool toned eye looks.

L’Oreal Infallible Shadow in Bronzed Taupe $8.99


I have always been a fan of these L’Oreal shadows, but this month I have been crazy about this one shade. This is the perfect all over the lid shade when you want something a bit more intense than a mid tone brown. This looks like metal on my eyes, it acts like a pigment but sticks like a cream. I can get a whole day and night’s worth of wear time out of this as well.

MBA Cosmetics Loose Eye Shadow in Gold Olive $5.00


This has been my go to pop of color this month. These loose shadows are so insanely pigmented and opaque, it makes it look like I have gold foil on my lids. I love patting this on the center of my lid with some matte dark brown shadow smudged in the outer corners.

Tarte Opening Act Mascara Primer $22.00


I usually consider all of these lash primers to be useless, but after trying this one out I have changed my mind. This adds length and volume to my lashes without looking clumpy or spidery. I will for sure be buying the full size of this product. I have been using it in conjunction with the next product in this post!

Jordana Best Length Extreme Mascara $4.49

If there is one thing Jordana is good for, it’s quality mascara at an affordable price. I have been loving this lengthening mascara paired with the Tarte primer. The combo gives me perfect, long, fluffy lashes without any clumps are flakes. This keeps whatever curl my lashes have for a good while, and it dries quickly so no smudging.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Sheer Lip Gel in Eat Cake $30.00



“rosy nude”

I have a post all about this lipstick in the works, so I don’t want to go into too much detail here. Just know that the only flaw in this lipstick is the price! I have been wearing this perfect pinky nude all month long, either fully applied or dabbed onto the center of my lips for a touch of color.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Rollerball $25.00


Notes: Vanilla Bourbon, Oakwood, Tuberose.

Rarely do I buy full perfume bottles, I much prefer testing new things in a rollerball. I picked this up when I was home in Philly, and I have been wearing it whenever I go out at night this month. This, to me, is the perfect night out scent. It is very warm and intense, it always reminds me of my visit to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I wasn’t really a fan of the other Nirvana scents, but this one is delicious!

KL Polish Nail Polish in Caramello $8.50

I have a whole post all about this nail polish line here, so I will only give a quick review of this color. This color reminds me so much of the Bobbi Brown eye shadow pan in Camel, it is that perfectly ugly mustard brown shade. This color is so unique in a polish, and I have been reapplying it all month. Sadly I am always removing my nail polish for work, so I never get to wear this for more than a few days!

NARS Large Pro Palette $18.00

After buying a few more single shadow pans, I needed to upgrade to something more spacious than my extra large Z-Palette. Enter the new NARS Pro Palettes. While an extra large Z-Palette can fit 35 pans, this palette can fit up to 42! The sleek packaging is perfect for travel and displaying, and leaves enough room for me to rearrange the pans however I want. If you want to add a few more shades to an already full z palette but don’t want to start a whole new one, I seriously suggest picking this up.

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum $29.00


I bought this at a very fancy Whole Foods that opened up in Philly not too long ago. I had been dying to try this brand after seeing it at Ulta. My skin is very sensitive to blemish clearing products, so I always try to use more natural things. I have been using this every other day after washing my face before bed, and I have noticed a difference in the amount of breakouts I have had. This does a great job of preventing blemishes, but it doesn’t seem to make any current breakouts disappear faster, so keep that in mind.

L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water $9.99


I am always looking for something to replace my hard to get Bioderma cleansing water. L’Oreal just recently released (in the US) three different formulas of micellar water, and I chose the one for all skin types. Micellar water has to toe the line between being non-drying without being greasy. This removes my makeup perfectly, including my sturdy mascara and eyeliner. This is formulated without oil, so it doesn’t leave a gross film on my face. I don’t feel the need to rewash my face right after using this. But it isn’t drying at all, so it’s perfect for many different skin types. If you have been wanting to try a good cleansing water but don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money, look for this the next time you’re at CVS.

Pixi Beauty Glow Peel Pads $22.00


I have been really into peels lately, maybe because of how flakey my skin gets in the cold weather. I grabbed these at Target after seeing a few people talking about it. It contains 2% glycolic acid and rose water, so it gently refreshes the skin without stripping it of moisture. It may seem a bit pricey, but you get 60 pads in each container. I only use these about twice a week, so this should last me a long time. I notice a big difference in the brightness of my skin after using these pads.

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in Medium $12.99


I’ll admit, I’m terrible at fake tanning. I am not very flexible or patient, which means I usually end up with a white back and slightly stained sheets. This affordable tanning mousse has made it really easy for me to add a little color to my skin in the cold months. This is supposed to be a great dupe for the expensive Loving Tan Official express mousse. I like to add a tiny bit of this to my moisturizer, making it less likely to be orange or streaky. This fades nicely on me too so it looks natural until it is completely gone.

Let me know what you have been loving this month!

Glowingly yours,



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