My Custom Palette Mega Post!

I can buy all the pre-made palettes that I want, but I will always end up reaching for my customized palette in the end. I have spent the past few years perfecting my palette with single pans from MAC, Make Up Geek, Ofra and Colourpop. My first post on this blog was my custom MAC palette, so I thought I would give a detailed update on my collection. I keep all my shadows in a Large Pro Palette from NARS, but the X-Large Z Palette works just as well.

This post is already long, so I am only going to give a quick review on each shade and how I like to use it. Let’s get started!

MAC $6.00

All That Glitters

“Beige w/gold pearl”

This is a classic color  from MAC, and it was one of the first one’s I ever bought. This is a great wash of color for the whole lid, or a more muted inner corner highlight.

Amber Lights

“Peachy-brown with shimmer”

This is such a stunning metallic gold, and I love putting this on the center of my lid for a pop of gold.


“Red-brown with green pearl”

Swatched this doesn’t look very interesting, but on the eyes it reminds me of a more subtle version of the MAC Blue Brown pigment.


“Orange copper”

I am still a little scared of this color, so I really only use it sparingly in the outer v of a really warm eye look.


“grey taupe nude”

This is the shade I use to deepen up the crease of a more cool toned look, it can be a tiny bit patchy so you really need to work with it.


“Muted greyish-taupe”

This is similar to Copperplate, only a tad warmer. This also has a tinge of olive in person, so it really compliments hazel eyes!


“Muted golden brown”

This is one of my favorite crease colors for any day to day matte look! It isn’t a full matte finish though, so it never looks flat or chalky.


“Red-plum with pink shimmer”

This is a great all over the lid shade for a very intense warm smokey eye. It is a lot pinker on the lid though.


“Soft pinkish-beige”

This is one of my favorite transition shades. Because it is only a few tones darker than my skin, it is perfect for blurring out any harsh lines.


“Pale gold with icy shimmer”

This is my perfect inner corner highlight! Be warned though, it is very pigmented and intense, so use a light hand!


“Soft muted beige-taupe”

This is another great transition shade (you might begin to notice a pattern…) and sometimes I wear just this on the outer edge of my crease with some brown liner.


“Dusky peacock”

It might be hard to tell in the swatch, but this has a really dusty teal undertone that translates so beautifully on the lid. Here is a great tutorial from Kathleen Lights using this all over the lid.

Red Brick

“Orange Red”

This color is so vibrant and crazy, I rarely use it. But if an eye look needs a tiny bit of warmth, this is perfect dusted in the crease with a very light hand.

Satin Taupe

“Taupe with silver shimmer”

This is one of my most loved MAC shadows, because it is the perfect cool all over the lid shade. I love wearing this on its own or with a cool grey in the crease.

Silver Ring

“Grey with silver sheen”

I love this color because it might look like a regular silver, but on the eye it transforms into a silver blue color that really pops.


“Burgundy with red shimmer”

I love purple, so naturally this is my go to crease color for a smokey eye. I love adding purple to dark eye looks, it makes the green in my eyes stand out.

Soft Brown

“Soft golden peachy-brown”

This is a very warm transition/crease shade, I love pairing it with Peach Smoothie from MUG and then a darker brown smudged on the lash line.

Sumptuous Olive

“Khaki with pearl”

I am always enamored with burned golden olive colors, and this is a classic. This looks great with a golden brown liner smudged on the lash line.


“Soft muted beige taupe”

This is another seemingly boring but kind of essential transition shade, perfect for fixing any sharp lines.


“Warm antique gold”

This is my perfect all over the lid shade. Whenever I just don’t have the energy or inspiration to create an eye look, I just pat this on and it looks like a million bucks. If you have any green in your eyes, go buy this color right now.

Make Up Geek $6.00

Creme Brulee

“A medium sand color with a soft matte finish”

This is a very warm, buttery shadow and it is perfect for subtle brown/orange eye looks.


“Medium brown with gold shimmer”

This is a good lid shade, but if I am being honest, it doesn’t really stand out to me.

Peach Smoothie

“A soft peachy orange with a matte finish”

This was the color that introduced me to MUG shadows, and there was a period of time when it was all anyone on YouTube used. This is perfect for most eye looks buffed into the crease.

Shimma Shimma

“Metallic Champagne”

This is a stunning inner corner highlight, and can also be used on deeper skin tones as a brow bone highlight.


“Pale Shimmery Muted Purple”

If you love purple, this is a great subtle way to wear it all over the lid.


“Deep medium taupe with strong purple undertones and a foiled finish”

I am so obsessed with this eye shadow. It looks like metal on my lids, and it lasts all day/night. This is perfect for an intense cool eye look.

Cocoa Bear

“Matte reddish brown”

This is a classic rusty red brown matte shadow, perfect for deepening up the crease and outer v of warm looks.


“Rose Gold with gold flecks and a shimmery finish”

This swatches beautifully, but by itself it looks kind of odd on my eyes. I like layering this over a brown shade to tone down the pink undertones.

Desert Sands

“Medium camel brown with warm yellow undertones and a matte finish.”

This falls under the category of “ugly yet perfect” colors. Like Bobbi Brown’s Camel shadow, this is a dirty mustard brown shade. It looks ugly in the pan, but perfect in the crease.


“Intense matte black with a very subtle sparkle”

I bought this because everyone says it is the blackest black shadow pan on the market right now. I was really surprised by how smooth and pigmented it was. Not patchy or chalky at all. Use a light hand with this though, because the intensity is no joke.

Colourpop $5.00

Note To Self

“matte warm caramel”

This is much more subtle in person, making it perfect for the crease.

Paper Tiger

“matte mustard”

This is a much yellower version of Desert Sands from MUG, but it is just as mustard-y and ugly/perfect.

Wake Up Call

“matte warm sand”

This is a really beautiful, neutral transition shade, and it seems to match a lot of different undertones.

Ofra Cosmetics $12.00


This color is pretty, but it is very chunky and causes so much fallout that I rarely find myself reaching for it.

Millennium Gold

This is more of a topper shade to me, because it has pretty poor pigmentation. This can add some gold shimmer to an eye look, but alone it just looks odd.


I am not a fan of straight up pastel yellow on my lids because it just ages me in a weird way. I sometimes use this as a brow bone highlight mixed with something more neutral.


This color sucks. Just look at the swatch.


I like the idea of this color, but the silver glitter just ends up all over my face and gone from my lids. I still use this sometimes to deepen the edge of a glittery smokey eye.


This shade is a bit patchy, but really nice when you work with it a little.

Thanks for sticking in til the end! Let me know what shades you have in your palette!

Glowingly yours,



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