The Kathleen Lights Aquarius Bundle from Colourpop

The Bundle $15.00




If you have spent any time reading my blog, you should know I am a devoted Kathleen Lights fan. I find her to be very kind and down to earth, despite being so popular. Her collaborations are well thought out and they stay true to who she is and what her image has always been. She tends to collab with more affordable brands, making it easy for all of her fans to enjoy them. I have always loved her lip colors from Colourpop, so when she released these I had to have them.

The original Aquarius Lippie Stick is one of my favorite day to day shades, so I couldn’t wait to see it in the various formulas that Colourpop sells. Here is a quick review of the three different lip colors that come in this bundle!

Ultra Matte Lip in Aquarius 2



“a mauvey nude”

Of all the lip products that Colourpop makes, the Ultra Matte formula is probably my least favorite, only because it is so drying on me. I only like to wear this when I know I don’t need to have it on all day. That being said, this is a really gorgeous shade, and I can see this working with many different skin tones.

Ultra Satin Lip in Aquarius



“a soft pinky nude”

This is my favorite of the three, because the satin formula is so comfortable on the lips. This is much peachier than the other two shades in the set, so sometimes I like to darken it up a bit with a lip liner. This formula isn’t drying at all,  and it lasts a good hour on my lips before I have to reapply. When it fades, it leaves a subtle pink stain so it always looks natural.

Ultra Glossy Lip in Aquarius



“a soft pinky nude”

This is the first and only Glossy Lip I own from Colourpop, and I already love the formula. It is a fairly sheer wash of pink, which is my favorite kind of gloss for every day wear. I love mixing this and the Ultra Satin Lip in Aquarius to create the perfect spring pink lip.

Let me know your favorite formula from Colourpop!

Glowingly yours,


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