Cloud Paints by Glossier

Cloud Paint Cream Blush




Just when I start to branch back out to other brands, Glossier goes and releases a beautiful new product and pulls me back in. I could wax poetic forever about the paint tube style packaging and perfect color scheme, but I am really going to try and make this a product review and not a Glossier advertisement.

These past few months I have fallen in love with cream face products, mostly because they encourage me to go without foundation. When Glossier announced they were releasing cream blushes inspired by all the colors of New York sunsets, I was interested, to say the least. I have spent the past few weeks wearing each color to test out wear time and quality, and I finally feel ready to review each shade. Let’s get started!

Overall, each blush performed the same in terms of fading and application. These all lasted all day on me, especially when I set my face with a setting spray. The formula is very pigmented, so I applied these with a damp make up sponge. They dry quickly so you have to work fast, otherwise you will end up looking a bit overdone. They apply very smoothly, none of them appear patchy, and none cling to any texture or dry spots I may have. Despite only having four colors in the range, I find them to be universally flattering for many different skin tones.



I have always been partial to nude blushes, so I really gravitated towards this shade first. This gives me just the right amount of color to look awake and bronzed, but not so much that it looks unnatural. This is already my most worn of all four colors.



I was pretty intimidated when I saw this bubblegum pink color, but I was pleasantly surprised by how wearable it turned out to be. I need to use a very light hand with it though, otherwise I look like a baby doll.



This is a slightly warmer, more orange color than Dusk, making it perfect for more yellow/olive skin tones. I love mixing this shade with Puff to make a more subtle pink flush.



This color is the hardest for me to wear because I have a lighter skin tone, but the shade is so stunning I can’t help but put it on. This is the perfect deep berry cheek stain, and I cannot recommend this color enough to those  of you with darker skin tones.



2 for $30.00

This is a reasonable price to me, especially considering how little product you need to use daily. You can use my link here and get 20% off your first Glossier order!

Product Amount

0.33 fl oz

These are little tubes, but I don’t ever see myself running out because of how pigmented this product is.

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