Wet N Wild Spring Shadow Trios

Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio $2.99

Spring has sprung, and that means Wet N Wild’s new collection is out and about! Wet N Wild is my favorite drugstore brand by far, and this year’s spring shadows did not let me down. There were three eye shadow trios in the limited edition white packaging, and I managed to find all three! I will give a quick review of each shade in the palettes, and how I feel about the cohesiveness of the trio overall. Let’s get started!

Heart and Heavy


This is a very sheer, almost holographic white color. It is perfect for a brow bone and inner corner highlight, but on the lid itself it can age me a bit.


This is a very deep red tinged purple, and my favorite shade in the palette. Perfect for deepening up the crease and outer corner.


I have never been a huge fan of baby pink eye shadows, they tend to make me look a bit sick. This shadow performs great though, very pigmented and smooth, just not the right color for me.

Overall, this is my least favorite of the three, but it is by no means a bad product.

Will You Marina Me


There’s nothing wrong with a simple gold shade, and this is just that. Performs beautifully, but the color itself is not very unique. That being said, it is perfect for all over the lid on simple make up days.


A dark, shimmery brown goes a long way in bringing a palette together. This pairs perfectly with the gold shade right above it.


This was the shade that initially caught my eye, and if you like blue shadow at all, I really suggest you find this trio at your local drugstore. This is such a stunning aqua shimmer color, very bright and in your face! I rarely wear blue eye shadow, but I fell in love with this shade as soon as I swatched it.

I love these three colors together. Palettes that have one strange but beautiful pop of color are so fun but also very wearable and practical.

Hieroglyphic Heart


This is a warmer version of the gold browbone shade in the Will You Marina Me palette. Like that shade, it is a pretty color, but nothing special.


This color is the reason to buy this palette. I adore dusty mauve crease/transition shades, and there are next to none at the drugstore. This shade applies so buttery and smooth, especially considering that it is matte. This color reminds me so much of a shade from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette called Buon Fresco.


I thought this would just be another shimmery brown, but something about this really impresses me. There are gold flecks in this, but it never looks glittery or chunky on the lid.

This is my favorite trio of the bunch for sure! All the colors go together perfectly, and perform like high end shadows.

Let me know your favorite shade from these trios!

Glowingly yours,


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