April Boxy Charm 2017

Boho Glow

I was so excited for this month’s box after seeing some of the sneak peaks on Instagram. The theme this month is Boho Glow, and you know the word glow will always get my rapt attention. Without further ado, let’s get into a quick initial review of this month’s products!

Ofra Cosmetics Rodeo Drive Highlighter $35.00




“Soak up the summer sun day or night with Ofra’s Rodeo Drive Highlighter! This radiant new product captures the luxury and glamour of the famous street in sunny California.”

I have had my eye on a few of the Ofra highlighters for a while now, but never wanted to go through with an order. I’m happy I waited! This is such a stunning pure gold highlight, very pigmented and intense. Just from swatching it, I can tell I am going to need to use a very light hand unless I want a gold stripe on my cheek. This is going to be perfect for medium, tan skin tones.

Pur Cosmetics Blend Squad 3-Piece Contour Blending Sponge Set $36.00

“Set of three latex-free and non-allergenic blending sponges. Can be used damp or dry. It’s washable, reusable and odor-free.”

I have heard some really great things about these Pur sponges, so getting a set of three is amazing! These are a bit smaller than a regular Beauty Blender, and all three have a flat side. I haven’t used these yet, but they feel very soft. The big test for these will be whether or not they a) soak up too much foundation without leaving any on my skin and b) if the colors bleed when I wet them.

Measurable Differences Diamond 16 Color Pro Concealer Palette $20.00



“Featuring 16 versatile shades, this makeup set works for any skin tone. The creamy, blendable formula melts perfectly into the skin, making any blemish or skin flaw disappear.”

I was really interested to try this out, because I rarely use concealer kits like this. I used to have a cheap one from Amazon but it was way too stiff and I never touched it. This palette has so many different shades for different skin and undertones. This is perfect for a make up artist kit, because of the range of colors and all the different uses. I will most likely be using the lighter shades for spot concealing, orange shades for correcting my dark circles, and cooler browns for cream contouring. These are a little stiff, but you can add a beauty oil to them to make them creamier.


Left to right: Cream, Ivory, Vanilla, Ginger, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino, Caramel Latte, Taupe


Left to right: Creme Brulee, Mocha, Toffee, Milk Chocolate, Pecan, Toasted Almond, Bronze, Espresso

Cargo Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Taos $16.00


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.27.38 PM

“Super high shine lip gloss delivers intense, lasting color! Creamy, moisturizing formula glides over lips, never feels sticky.”

While I love lip gloss, I found myself pretty underwhelmed by this color. Yes, the formula is very shiny, but the color is just too grey for a gloss. If I am going to wear a greige shade on my lips, it needs to be matte. I also hate the applicator on this! It is a doe foot applicator, but it is so flimsy and the formula is so thick that getting a clean like is next to impossible. I am going to try and combine this with some pink lip liners or something to make it a little more wearable on me.

Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo $10.00


“Wondering when your hair got a mind of it’s own? Try this creamy, rich shampoo with yogurt, prebiotics, quinoa, 6 botanical oils and bio-keratin to help tame frizzy dry hair. Free of sulfates, parabens, harsh salt systems, harmful colors and harmful fragrances.”

This is not the first product from this line that we have gotten. While I love trying new make up, I rarely find myself trying new shampoos, but I am actually excited for this. It is very natural and smells amazing, so I cannot wait to see how it tames my fly-aways.

Overall Box Total: S117.00

All in all, this was a really great box. I will be trying out all these products over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for my next monthly favorites, see if any of these show up!

Glowingly yours,


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