Wet N Wild Color Icon Comfort Zone Eye Shadow Palette


Wet N Wild is without a doubt my favorite drugstore brand, and it also happens to be one of the cheapest. One of their best products are their Color Icon shadows! This 8 pan palette is the most popular, and for good reason! I will give a quick review of each shade, and then an overview at the end. Let’s get started!

Left Browbone

This is a great subtle wash of shimmer for all over the lid. I like to add this to the center of my lid on top of a darker shade.

Left Eye Lid

This is a really beautiful warm shimmer shade, perfect by itself or paired with a warm matte crease shade.

Left Crease

A slightly darker version of the one before it, this is a smokier warm bronze lid shade, perfect for green eyes.

Left Definer

It is hard to pin down exactly what color this is, but it looks really awesome dusted on the outer corner of the eyes to add some definition.

Right Browbone

On the cooler side we have this shimmery taupe shade. This is one of my favorite one shadow shadows from the drugstore!

Right Eye Lid

A great green eye shadow from the drugstore? very hard to pull off, but Wet n Wild managed to do it! This is green enough to be a pop of color, but bronzey enough to look smokey and earthy.

Right Crease

This is my least favorite shade in the palette, I have never been a fan of matte black bases with a crap-ton of glitter in them. I can make it work though, just dusting the tiniest bit in the outer V of the lid.

Right Definer

This is probably the most coveted shadow in the palette, and the main reason most people buy it. An almost perfect dupe for the MAC Blue Brown pigment, this duochrome is absolutely stunning. It can look completely different depending on how much you use and what color base you apply it over. I love using this shade on my lower lash line to deepen up a look while also adding a cool color shift element.


Wet N Wild


Color Icon Eye Shadow Collection


Comfort Zone

How Much

$4.99 for 0.30 oz


I really cannot recommend this palette enough. It has 8 beautiful shimmer shades for under 5 bucks, what more could you want? The only downside to this product is the lack of matte shades, so you are going to need to use another palette alongside this if you want a complete look and not just a shimmer wash of color.

Let me know if you’ve tried this palette out and what your thoughts were!

Glowingly yours,



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