May Boxy Charm 2017

Make Up Is Art

Another month, another awesome Boxy Charm delivery! I was excited to see what I got after watching a few different unboxing videos. I just got it today, so I cannot really give detailed reviews, but I have swatched everything and tested it out. I will give my quick, initial thoughts on each product, now let’s get started!

The Brow Gal The Convertible Brow $35.00



“The Convertible Brow is a powder/pomade duo that acts as a powder when used dry and a pomade when used wet to fill in and apply color and definition to the brows. Each compact has a warm, neutral, and ash tone to allow you to mix your perfect, custom color. If used wet, the palette will revert back to powder consistency, ensuring the product does not dry out.”

I was really looking forward to this product because brow powders are my favoriteĀ  thing to use on my brows. It looks natural and deposits enough pigment without looking crazily overdone. This little palette has three different shades for brown hair, making it perfect for a lot of different undertones. I prefer an ashier color for my brows, but nothing too grey. I will probably use the middle and right most shades the most often, but I love having all three colors. This would be perfect for a make up artist’s kit!

The Brow Gal Brow Brush $14.00


“This double ended brow brush was designed to allow for precision and creating hair-like strokes, while filling in the brows.”

I’ve said it before, I love when they put products in the boxes that work together. I already have a few angled brushes, but I really like having multiple so I can use one for powders, one fore eyeliner and one for brow pomades.

Temptu X Boxycharm Liquid Glow Hand Applied Highlighter $24.00



“In this limited edition collaboration with Boxycharm, TEMPTU introduces Liquid Glow, its first hand-applied highlighter. Formulated to deliver a radiantly luminous complexion, or to illuminate all over, this long-lasting formula is designed in a rose gold hue that flatters every skin tone and creates a natural, lit-from-within glow.”

TEMPTU has always been an odd brand to me, mostly because I never understood the appeal of spray paint make up. This highlight is supposed to be applied by hand though, so maybe they are branching out into different kinds of products. This is a very watery formula, making it perfect for blending in with foundation or moisturizer. It has a golden undertone, so I can really see it looking beautiful paired with a warm eye look.

Crown Brushes Large Round Contour Buffer Brush $24.99

“This super soft paddle brush can be used with any liquid, powder, or cream product for a full coverage application.”

Oddly enough, this was the product I was most excited to try, because I have been wanting to own one of these paddle style brushes forever. I wasn’t going to spend over $100 on Artis brushes, so I am happy I can test this application style out for much less. The bristles are extremely densely packed, more so than I thought they would be, but that’s good for placing product without soaking up too much. This says it’s meant for contour, but I most often see these used for applying foundation, so that’s what I plan on doing with it. I will let y’all know how it works out!

IBY Beauty Highlight & Contour Palette $40.00



“Sculpt, define, and illuminate your features with the Highlight and Contour Palette. Chic and portable, this PRO-approved kit comes in 6 versatile shades.”

This is our second product from IBY beauty, and I am already really impressed by the quality. These powders are very creamy and buttery and blend like a dream. I prefer powder to cream contour, it is easier to get a clean look, creams tend to look muddy on me. Honestly though, I never find myself using matte cream highlight powders, I think they settle into texture and age my skin. The contour and bronzer shades are beautiful though, and the three different undertones make them perfect for different skintones.

Overall total of this month’s box: $137.99

Let me know what you got in your box this month, and what your thoughts were!

Glowingly yours,


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