Becca First Light Filter Face Primer






First Light Filter Face Primer

How Much

$38.00 for 1.0 oz


After hearing so many good things about this primer, I had to try it out myself. When it comes to color correcting, I really don’t stray far from a peach for my eyes and green for my blemishes. The yellows and purples to combat dullness always seem superfluous to me, and that’s what kept me from trying this product sooner.

I tend to stick with my pore filling and mattifying primers because of my oily skin, but this left my skin moisturized without looking greasy and gross. The purple undertone really does brighten up the complexion. This primer is perfect for the day after a restless sleep or a night out partying. I have fair skin with a neutral/pink undertone, but this has been said to work for many different people and skin tones. I was worried about it making me look too ashy and cool, but once I applied foundation over top it, the purple color completely disappeared and I just looked wide awake and refreshed.

If you have very dry skin, this is the absolute perfect primer for you, it really brightens up dry, congested skin. I have a long flight coming up next month, and I will for sure be bringing this to apply when I land!

Let me know your favorite foundation primers!

Glowingly yours,


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