Guerlain Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls








Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls


Medium 03

How Much

$62.00 for 0.88 oz


Rarely will I spend more than $50 on a make up item, but this was my one exception. I bought this about two years ago, mainly for the packaging and the brand name. Guerlain is insanely luxurious, and their powder pearls are their most popular item. They release a new packaging with every holiday, more expensive than the last, so I doubt I will ever be buying another compact.

So enough about the packaging, is the product itself worth the insane price tag? I’d have to say no, and only because of how subtle the product is. The pearls are meant to be used as a finishing powder, so all they really do is set the face and brighten the skin a tiny bit. There are some specks of glitter throughout, but nothing too noticeable. The powder does a good job of blurring my pores and setting down any tacky foundation, but it doesn’t make nearly enough of a difference to justify spending all that money.

The downsides to this powder? An overpowering floral smell and some occasional flashback. The upsides? It looks absolutely stunning on my vanity. Save your money and buy a different Guerlain product that is a little more practical.

Glowingly yours,




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