Wet N Wild Unicorn Glow Box

Unicorn Glow Box $29.99


To quote my father the last time we walked into a chic little paper store, “unicorns are so hot right now.” As dorky as he sounded, he couldn’t be more right. A lot of brands have been putting out their take on unicorn glow, from purple highlights to full blown rainbow madness.

Wet n Wild has always been my favorite drugstore brand because you get great quality for an insanely affordable price. I was hesitant to try out the unicorn trend until I saw this box on their website. I figured I’d rather try all of these products for the same price as one highlighter from Tarte or Becca. Let’s get into my quick initial thoughts about each product!

Color Icon Pigments $2.99


I have a few of these pigments, and they remind me a lot of the MAC pigments jars that I love so much.

Mythical Dreams

Purple is my favorite color, and this is a stunning indigo with a slight blue shift. Very intense, so I don’t see myself wearing it in my day to day life, but definitely for a night out.

Pegasus Flutter

This pinky lavender color is perfect dusted all over the lid for a subtle, ethereal eye look.

Unicorn Wishes

I was disappointed in this shade because it swatched kind of patchy, but I still have to try it out on my lids. The color in the jar is beautiful, but blue eyeshadow can be very difficult to pull off.

Prismatic Lipsticks $3.99


The formula of most of the Mega Last lipsticks is pigmented but a bit drying, and these prismatic ones are no different. While the colors are very cool, I don’t see myself every wearing them alone. I might try them patted lightly over a more natural color to give a hint of sparkle to an every day look.

Immortal Tears



This is my favorite of the two, the violet shift is stunning. It reminds me a lot of the Buxom shadow in La La Lavish, very intense and flashy!

Unicorn Soul



Though the color is pretty, it applies super chunky and patchy. It is much more similar to the first lipstick than I thought it would be considering how different they appear in their packaging.

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter $5.99


These highlighters were the main reason behind me purchasing this box. I have been wanting to try a rainbow highlighter, but never wanted to wait for the ones from Etsy to come back in stock. These all vary in formula, but they are all really pigmented and intense! Below I have a swatch of each different strip, and then a mix of all the colors.

Bronze Over The Rainbow

This one is a stunning bronze/gold combo, perfect for tan summer skin. While the darker shades can be intimidating, when it is all mixed together it reminds me so much of Becca’s Champagne Pop!

Everlasting Glow

While the single shades in this don’t really wow me, the combination of all of them is a really lovely pinky glow. This powder can be a little chunky though, so be sure to blend and work with it a bit.

Unicorn Glow

As fun as this highlight is, I hate to admit that I never see myself wearing it as intended. The colors are all pigmented and nice, but mixed together on my face as a cheek product, it just ends up looking like a shimmery bruise. When I do use this, it will either be on my eyes or part of a costume!

Unicorn Highlighting Blush $4.99

I have never been one for kitschy brush designs (I am strangely freaked out by those new Harry Potter wand brushes), this little brush is quite cute! I love that it is a highlighting brush that can be used with the three highlights in the box, and the oil slick color on the handle tones down the girlishness of the unicorn horn. The bristles are synthetic, and it does a great job of buffing out the chunkier powders.

Let me know your thoughts on this unicorn trend!

Glowingly yours,




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