Cover Girl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation





Cover Girl


Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation



How Much

$11.99 for 1 oz


Only in the past month or so have I really taken an interest in Cover Girl as a brand. A lot of their recent releases have been excellent, so I had high hopes for this foundation. Whenever I see the words “healthy” or “elixir” in a face product, I assume it is going to be light and moisturizing as hell. While this does feel very moisturizing and comfortable, it has a surprising amount of coverage.

The finish is satin leaning luminous, so I definitely suggest setting this with a powder if you want it to last all day. I prefer to apply this with a beauty blender, but it also looks nice applied with a dense brush. I like wearing this when my skin is feeling a bit dry, because it smooths everything out and makes my skin feel hydrated and healthy. I also love this packaging! The square glass bottle is heavy and feels expensive, and the pump is sturdy and puts out a good amount of product.

All in all, I would suggest this foundation for someone with normal to dry skin. I was pretty impressed by the coverage and the longevity of this, and I really found it worth the money.

Let me know if you’ve tried this new foundation out!

Glowingly yours,


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