KL Polish Summer 2017 Miami Collection



I love supporting Kathleen, and it is such a bonus when the products also happen to be amazing! Her summer polish collection really caught my attention because of all the bright, unique colors. All six shades are beautiful and the formula is amazing, even better than her first release. I love that she listened to her fans and customers about the original formula and took it all into consideration when making her next collection.

Below I have my own swatches, and the swatches on three different skin tones that I pulled from the website. All my swatches are two coats. I have only worn one (MIA) so far, but it has yet to chip or fade, so I am impressed. Let’s get into a quick review with some of my initial thoughts.

Six Polish Bundle $45.00

Single Polish $8.50



“A true chartreuse shade that makes a statement.”

I love green/yellow polish, even though it can be a challenge to pull off. This shade is perfectly balanced, not too neon lime, not too buttery yellow. It is bright and eye catching, so be prepared to center your clothing/make up looks around it during the wear time!

Magic City


“This poppy red shade will make your nails hot like the summer heat.”

This is by far my favorite shade of the six, and so far it seems to be everyone else’s as well. Is there anything better for summer than a bright orange red polish? This is one of those colors that really makes you look tan and youthful without looking tacky.



“Not your normal hot pink. This shade has gorgeous blue undertones.”

This is the color I am currently loving and wearing. This has a different consistency than the normal cream finish, it almost feels like a jelly if that makes sense. It has a blue undertone, so in certain light you can almost see a blue/purple shift. It is very glossy and perfect paired with a summery sun dress.

Ocean Drive


“This shimmery teal will give you major mermaid vibes.”

I am not usually a fan of glitter polish, but this color was so fun I couldn’t resist. It is much lighter on the nail than it looks in the bottle, so keep that in mind. It doesn’t apply chunky or patchy like some glitter shades do.

Porter Miami


“This wearable cobalt blue shade screams summer.”

I absolutely love bright cobalt blues, and this one is so perfect! It reminds me a lot of Essie’s Butler Please which has been a long time favorite of mine. This shade is the perfect pop of color for any skin tone.

South Peach


“What would summer be without a creamy peach polish?”

I was nervous about this shade, because I hate when they pull too yellow or orange, but this color is surprisingly neutral. I am going to wait to wear it though until I have a bit of a tan. If you have medium to deep skin, order this right now because it is perfect for you!

Let me know if you picked any of these up!

Glowingly yours,



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