My Summer Skincare Goals

Summer is officially on and full of potential! I feel like I spend all year making summer promises, so I decided to pick a few and really stick to them, and I thought I would share the beauty related ones. Let’s get started!


Goal 1: Wash Off Everything Before Bed!

You can buy the most expensive skin care on the market, but if you don’t find the right make up remover, it’s all a waste of money. I refuse to allow myself to sleep in any traces of make up this summer, because clear skin is in. If I don’t compltely cleanse my face, then I wake up the next morning looking dull and dehydrated, and often with a few break outs. No matter how tired (or drunk) I am, I will remove every ounce of product before climbing into bed.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.36.07 AM

Goal 2: Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and Then More Sunscreen

While you should strive to always be wearing sunscreen no matter the season, summer is when you are most likely to find yourself outside for long periods of time. Not only am I going to always apply and reapply sunscreen to my face and neck, I need to be more diligent about protecting my entire body too. I sometimes try to get away with just a touch on my shoulders and chest, but then I end up with bright red thighs and miserably painful showers.


Goal 3: Use More Masks

Summer is when I do the most damage to my face. Lot’s of sunshine, sweating, and make up testing can leave my pores feeling a roller coaster ride of dry, clogged, greasy and flaky. This summer I am going to treat my face to at least two masks a week! I own so many and I feel like lately I haven’t been pampering my skin at all. I’m going to head to the drugstore, pick up a few sheet masks and really relax.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.35.30 PM

Goal 4: Stick With A Regimen

Skin care is only effective if you stick with a routine, and I am always guilty of flaking out. Just in the past two weeks I have been following a pretty strict skincare routine, and my skin has never felt better!


Goal 5: Drink More Water

This is the most important promise of all, and the thing that is going to do the best for my skin is to drink much more water every day. I can notice such a difference in my skin when I spent the previous few days staying extra hydrated. The sun can zap the life out of my face, and I need to be much better about replenishing my H2O throughout the day.

Let me know your summer skin care goals and how you plan to meet them!

Glowingly yours,



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