Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Pretty Cheeky Face Palette





Sonia Kashuk


Limited Edition Pretty Cheeky Face Palette

How Much

$19.99 for 0.38 oz


Did I buy this palette initially just for the packaging? You bet I did. I was so happy to find out it was actually an amazing product as well. With my two week trip to Europe coming up, I have been focusing a lot on versatile, combination products, and this hits all the marks. This eliminates the need for me to bring blush, bronzer, and highlight with me in my carry on, leaving more room for jolly ranchers and my ridiculous airplane head rest pillow. With palettes like these I usually find myself loving one shade and tolerating the rest, but this little baby has me singing a very different tune. All three shades are perfect for my complexion, and I can get an even amount of use out of every powder.

The highlight is a gorgeously subtle golden champagne color. It can be dusted on for a day to day glow or packed on for an intense night out highlight. No matter how many layers you add it never grabs onto cheek texture!

The bronzer seemed a little too warm for me at first, but on my skin it makes me look so bronzed and lit from within. It has a satin finish so it isn’t a flat matte but it doesn’t have any chunky glitter. Because of the slight warm tinge, it really will work for so many different undertones.

The blush powder is my absolute perfect cheek shade: bright, in your face peach! No blush shade has ever made me feel better than a spring peach. It works on its own or paired with an intense smokey eye. This blush is almost completely matte, but it doesn’t fall flat at all.

All three of the colors work so harmoniously together, creating the perfectly rounded out face palette. I cannot wait to wear this beauty all over Europe for the next two weeks! If you like any of these colors, run to Target right now and pick this limited edition palette up!

Glowingly yours,



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