Why I’m Falling In Love With Pixi


Picture me; day 1 of my Europe trip, and all I want to do is head to the nearest drugstore. Why you might ask? Because to love make up is to hoard make up, and when crossing international borders one must always try out the local staples.

Yes, I know you can get Pixi stateside, but the selection at my local Target is lacking on it’s best day. When I saw the large, fully stocked Pixi display in Marks & Spencers, I made an immediate beeline towards it. Here are some of the items I picked up, and have been loving since!

Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse $24.00



This double-sided facial cleaner was the product I was most eager to get my hands on, and I was shocked to see just how large it is in person. So why has everyone been talking about this chameleon cleanser? Because it is perfect for so many different skin tones!

Side one is a very rich balm (think Clinique Take The Day Off Balm and Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm) perfect when applied to dry skin. Very good at taking make up off without stripping the skin or irritating the eyes. After wiping the balm away with a damp cloth, it’s time for side two!

The second half consists of a very light cream cleanser. Like the balm, it isn’t drying at all, and leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated while also feeling clean. This cleaner does not foam up much at all, so it’s perfect for those with very dry skin.

H2O Skindrink Pure Hydration Gel $22.00


Speaking of dry skin, this face gel is a must have for everyone with even the slightest hint of flakiness. Very lightweight and cooling, this keeps my skin feel soft and hydrated for hours, whether I wear it alone or under make up. This is my sister’s new favorite day to day cream, because it feels like nothing once it melts into the skin, and make up applies so smoothly over top it.

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths $10.00


I am a make up wipe collector, so obviously these had to be tried. Packed with chamomile and grape seed oil, this is very gentle on even the most sensitive of skin, but it still gets the job done. Most of all, I am in love with the scent!

Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach $12.00



Now into some more make up focused items, the first Pixi product is this peach corrector. Both my sister and I have hereditary dark circles, so correctors are a staple in our make up routine. Peach/orange shades are best for canceling out purple, and this cool toned color does the job well! Very creamy and pigmented, but not drying or crease prone, this looks amazing layered under your favorite concealer.

Sheer Cheek Gel in Natural $14.00



This is definitely one of my favorite Pixi products, because I am a self admitted cream blush addict. I was drawn to this because of the gel, jelly- like consistency of the formula, and I chose the shade Natural because going into fall and winter, all I want is a rosy berry blush. This blends to beautifully into the cheek bones, and it never looks overdone or patchy. I like applying this with a damp beauty blender, but even with my fingers alone it looks perfect! If you try any cheek products this fall/winter, let it be this one.

Let me know your favorite products from Pixi, what should I try next?

Glowingly yours,


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