E.L.F Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer in Bronzed Pink Beige




I feel like over the past year or so, ELF has completely stepped up their beauty game, without raising their prices. I can buy all the expensive luxury items I want, but at the end of the day I will always love loading up my online cart with ELF and only spending a few bucks. This product is from their new Aqua Beauty line, and I picked it up at my local Target. There are only a few different products in the line, but I seriously urge you to go try one out!

While this may look like a powder, the texture is actually quite moussey and bouncy (think Colourpop Super Shock Shadows) and applies much like a cream blush. A word of caution; do not underestimate the pigmentation of this little duo, because you will end up with a clown face. I find these are best applied initially to the skin with your fingers, and then blended in with either a beauty sponge or a synthetic fiber brush.

The blush half is a stunning bright pink, very loud but quite flattering on a good amount of skin tones. I like mixing this with a more brown based blush for a really natural flush.

The bronzer half is my favorite because it just blends so beautifully! It don’t like it for contouring because it is quite warm, but for bronzing up the skin around the temples and hairline it is perfect!

Because it is more on the cream side of things, both shades last forever on the skin and always look natural when they begin to fade. I am for sure going to be heading back to Target to pick up a few more items from this line!




E.L.F Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer


Bronzed Pink Beige

How Much

$5.99 for 0.29 oz

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Aqua Beauty products!

Glowingly yours,


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