Subculture Palette: The New Counterpart To Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills



So I am finally ready to review the palette that has completely divide the beauty world over the past few weeks. As soon as this product was teased, I knew I needed to have it. All of the colors are stunning and different, and there are so many possible looks to be made! I absolutely love my Modern Renaissance Palette from ABH, so I was so sure I would love her cool toned counterpart.

When this was finally released, people immediately took to twitter to show off how much ridiculous fall out they had, and how quickly they were hitting pan. It would seem that some people got palettes that were not pressed correctly, and it was revealed that the formula was different than that of the original MR Palette. I promised myself I wouldn’t hold any preconceived notions about this palette, because I truly wanted to form my own opinions about it, and if I’m being honest? I love it. Perhaps I got one from the “good batch” or maybe I’m crazy, but I found all the colors so beautiful and pigmented.

Of course, there was a lot of fall out and kick up when I swatched/used these shadows, but that was always the case with the Modern Renaissance palette as well. The mattes were very creamy and had no chalkiness at all. The two duo-chromes were much more subtle than I expected, but they give a nice shimmer for all over the lid. There is one metallic shade and I found it to be extremely opaque and almost cream-like. Here are some swatches of all the colors together, and farther down I give a little blurb about each shade!


Top to Bottom: Cube, Dawn, Destiny, Adorn, All Star, Mercury, Axis


Top to Bottom: Roxy, Electric, Fudge, New Wave, Untamed, Edge, Rowdy

Subculture Palette $42.00



“duo chrome pink pearl”

This was the only shade in the palette that I wasn’t crazy about, only because it hardly shows up on my skin. I am going to try it out over a black base on the lid to see if I can get the pink shift to show up.



“ultra-matte sand”

This is the exact color I love to use as a transition/crease shade for so many different looks.



“ultra-matte sage green”

Though it says this is a green, it pulls extremely grey on me, but I don’t mind! This is great dusted in the crease of a cool toned green or blue eye look.



“metallic bronze”

I absolutely love this shade! It looks like actual metal on the lids, and it blends beautifully.

All Star


“ultra-matte vintage wine”

This color reminded me a lot of the original Modern Renaissance palette, and I’m happy it was included to add just a touch of warmth.



“ultra-matte slate grey”

I love a grey that has a slightly plummy undertone, especially in the fall and winter.



“ultra-matte blue-green”

This color is so pigmented and intense I am actually a bit scared to wear it out! This will stain your eyes (and fingers, and make up table) so keep that in mind!



“ultra matte muted coral”

So this was the color that everyone was most excited about, and I can see why. This is stunning all over the lid and in the crease as a warm transition shade.



“duo chrome lime-gold”

Of the two duo-chromes, this one is my favorite because it shows up the most on my skin. The green shift isn’t gawdy or over-powering making it perfect for all over the lid.



“ultra-matte warm bronze”

A classic shade that fits well into any palette, a warm brown! This color really makes the palette feel wearable and well-rounded. Lovely buffed into the crease or outer corner of the lid.

New Wave


“ultra-matte citron orange”

I was not expecting to love this color as much as I do, because I always feel like I have enough brown/orange shadows, but there is something unique about this color that I can’t put my finger on. My new favorite look is this in the crease with a tiny bit of Fudge in the outer V of my lid.



“ultra-matte tarnished green”

This is the more muted version of Axis, and it reminds me so much of MAC’s Plumage shadow, which I love. Very intense and pigmented, and perfect to mix up a regular black smokey eye.



“ultra-matte gold mustard”

I am forever falling in love with “ugly” mustard yellows! This looks amazing in the crease with so many different shadows, both warm and cool. I am hoping that ABH comes out with this in a single shadow soon.



“ultra-matte blackened purple”

Purple is my favorite color, so I will never say no to a dark matte purple. This looks great in the crease and outer corner paired with the grey shades in the palette.

All in all, I am loving this palette! I have no problem with too much fall out or difficulty blending, but I do understand that there are a lot of people experiencing problems with this product. If you haven’t gotten it yet, perhaps wait a few more weeks for the brand to sort out any pressing issues, then grab it! Don’t rush though, because this palette is permanent and will be available for a good long while.

Let me know if you’ve tried this palette out yet and what your thoughts were!

Glowingly yours,



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