How To Wear: Liquid Blush




As winter approaches, and dry skin rears it’s ugly head, I find myself getting excited about all the liquid blushes I own! Perfect for adding a bit of color without over-powdering, cream and liquid blush are a dry skinned girl’s best friend. Long lasting and pigmented, you really can’t go wrong with these cheek colors. The only downside to any blush that isn’t a powder? There is a bit of a learning curve involved if you truly want to get that natural, blended look. I thought I would give a quick step by step look at how I apply my liquid blushes, let’s get started!

Step 1: Just A Drop

When it comes to liquid pigment, a little goes a very long way. Always stick to the motto that less is more when it comes to water based cheek colors, because you can easily go overboard and waste a lot of your product. I like to apply slowly and build up the color instead of adding too much and having to remove and start over.

Step 2: Warm It Up

If you want something to blend well on the face, make sure you warm it up first! I like to rub the color between my fingers for a few seconds to really make it ready for application. When I do this I notice a big improvement in the blendability and smoothness of the product.

Step 3: Pat Pat Pat

After warming up the blush on my hand, it’s time to get it on my face! I use my fingers to lightly pat four to five spots of color on my cheeks. It is crucial that you do one cheek at a time and go in and blend immediately, otherwise your cheeks will end up stained and patchy.

Step 4: Dab Dab Dab

After patting the color onto my face with my fingers, I like to go in with either a damp beauty sponge or a synthetic bristled, dense brush, A sponge is my preferred tool though, because I find it gives the most natural, blended out flush to the face. Instead of swiping like with a powder blush, use dabbing, bouncing motions to really press the product in while still blending it out.

Step 5: Let It Set

Most importantly, let it sit for a minute or so before going in with any other product. Usually when I wear cream blush I don’t wear much else on my face, but if I do, I always make sure my blush is dry and blended to my liking before going in with my highlight or face powder. For added longevity, spray your face down with a few spritzes of setting spray, but don’t drench your face! This could cause some separating or smearing of your beautifully applied blush!

Let me know your favorite cream face products and how you like to apply them!

Glowingly yours,


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