The Two Drugstore Matte Palettes You Need Right Now


I love ELF, they have been seriously stepping it up over the past year or so with their products. These two newer additions to the Mad For Matte family are so stunning, and beyond affordable! The formula of these shadows is so buttery and smooth, on par with mid to high end matte shadows. Both palettes come with a well rounded range of shades, including great transition and crease shades and also some pops of color. Both included a very pigmented black which is a must have for me in a palette. These shadows last all day on the lids and never crease. Minimal fallout and great blendability make these shadows perfect for quick and easy eye looks. Let’s get into some swatches!



This is the Mad For Matte Summer Breeze Palette, previously called Mad For Matte 2. I bought this a little bit back when Kathleen Lights included it in her favorites video, but it has been sold out forever. This is the best warm toned matte palette I own, and the first half of the palette are my go-to day to day make up. So many stunning crease and transition shades, so I also love using this in conjunction with other palettes if I want some shimmer.



This palette was just recently released, and I ordered it immediately! While warm tones are super easy to wear, my heart really belongs to a cool toned shadow. This is the Mad For Matte Holy Smokes Palette, and I cannot wait to wear this all fall and winter long. The neutral crease and transition shades are perfect and the deep green and blue are great for dusting on the outer v of the eye for a pop of color. I was so surprised by how pigmented the darker shades in this palette are, especially the navy blue. Most matte blues end up looking and feeling chalky, but this one feels smooth and opaque.


E.L.F Cosmetics


Mad For Matte Summer Breeze Palette

Mad For Matte Holy Smokes Palette

How Much

$10.00 for 0.49 oz

Let me know if you’ve tried and of these Mad For Matte Palettes and what your thoughts were!

Glowingly yours,



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