The Ugly Color I Can’t Get Enough Of


We all have that one color that just works for us. That one color that you can’t avoid adding to every make up look you do. For me, and many others, that color is a very odd looking mustard yellow/brown matte. Some have described it as baby poop, but I prefer more appealing terms like “caramel” and “camel.” I thought I would put together a post of all my favorite shadows in this color range, and maybe give someone out there a new favorite color!


Left To Right: Kathleen Lights Palette, Melt Rubbish Stack Shadow, Bobbi Brown Single Matte Shadow in Camel, Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow in Paper Tiger, Make Up Geek Single Shadow in Desert Sands, Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in Speculous.


Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in Speculous $21.00

MUFE Artist Shadows are amazing, and the matte formula is one of my favorites of all time. This shadow is extremely pigmented and lasts all day on my lids. As far as yellow to brown undertones, this shadows pulls more brown, making it more suitable for day to day wear. Because this shadow is so pigmented and a bit darker than most, I prefer to only use it in my crease and outer V to deepen up my looks.


Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Camel $26.00

This shadow was my first foray into the world of ugly colors, all thanks to Kathleen Lights. After she raved about it I found it in store and just could not keep my eyes off of it, I had to buy it! These matte single shadows from Bobbi Brown are not talked about nearly enough, and I always tell everyone I know that they need either this shade or Bone in their life. Very creamy and extremely easy to blend, I can add this shadow to any eye look and it truly pulls everything together.


Melt Cosmetics Stack Eye Shadow in Rubbish $17.00

What made me finally bite the bullet and shell out the cash for a Melt Cosmetics Shadow Stack was this stunning color. The entire Rust Stack is beautifully built around this brown mustard, and whenever people ask what the best Stack is, I always recommend it. I really only save this shade to use with other browns, because it just sets them off like no other color I own. If you don’t want to spend the money on the full stack though, you can now buy individual shadows from Melt!


Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow in Paper Tiger $5.00

As far as undertones go, this one is insanely yellow, but thats what I oddly love about it. The yellowness makes this perfect for using in the crease and as a transition shade. This color paired with any of the others on this list are all I need for a perfect day to day look. The formula of these Colourpop pressed shadows are really impressive, especially when you consider the price.


Make Up Geek Eye Shadow Pan in Desert Sands $6.00

This shadow almost has a tiny hint of dark green/khaki to it, and Make Up Geek makes my favorite matte formula on the market. This shade is very similar to the Melt shadow Rubbish, but a bit darker. I often wear this and only this in my crease with just some mascara and eyeliner!


Kathleen Lights X Morphe Palette (Limited Edition)

When I heard that Kathleen was releasing a palette, I just knew she would include a shade like this! Very warm and yellow based, this shadow is a good midway point between Paper Tiger and Speculous, so using it in the crease paired with them creates a beautifully seamless gradient. I wont talk too much about this shadow because the palette is no longer available, but you can still buy the full 35O palette that includes this shade.

Bonus: a matching nail polish!


KL Polish Nail Polish in Caramello $8.50

And of course, I had to include the polish counterpart! Kathleen cannot stay away from these colors, and now neither can I, so if these shades piqued your interest, please let me know!

Glowingly yours,



  1. KimandMakeup

    I totally get your obsession with this color! Bobbi Brown Camel is where my addiction started and I can’t get enough… I love going in with Makeup Geek Chickadee or Early Bird as a transition shade and using the caramel color in the crease- such a good combo! Another GREAT one in the same family as these colors is Looxi Beauty Wheatness.

    Liked by 1 person

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