New Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal





I don’t have to tell you how highly anticipated this release has been! Fenty Beauty, the new line from queen Rihanna herself, has been on everyone’s mind and feed this past week. As soon as the line launched on Sephora I ordered this little duo, of course I had to check it out! I chose this product because both colors really caught my eye, and I found it to be the most wearable. I also have my eye on the primer and foundation, but I want to hear some more reviews before I spend the money.

So who cares? What makes this line so special? Just because Rihanna made it, I should spend all my money? What makes this brand so special to me right off the bat is the incredible shade range. To put out a foundation with 40 different shades is something not even well established brands have done, and yet here comes Fenty Beauty with not just a million shades for fair skin. Most brands cater to my skin tone, so I know it may seem odd for me to care so much about shades that don’t match me, but my favorite thing about make up is inclusivity! When a product can be enjoyed by all, it makes it all that much better. Anyway, let’s get into a quick initial review!

First thoughts? I’m in love. The packaging is very sleek and modern, and it is the perfect size for traveling. I wanted the duo because I am constantly combining shades for my cheeks, and I loved these two variations on a pearly peach. The left side, Lightning Dust, is the more subtle of the two, and perfect for an everyday glow. Both sides have glitter, but neither look chunky, they truly give a sheen to the face. The right side, Fire Crystal, is much more intense, and I cannot wait to wear it out at night! Both powders are very soft and blendable, and they don’t emphasize any texture I may have on my cheeks. I have worn the more subtle side to work, but I need to test both and report back on wear time and how they fade.

All in all, I will definitely be purchasing more from this line! Let me know if you picked any Fenty Beauty up and what your thoughts are!


Fenty Beauty


Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo


Lightening Dust/Fire Crystal

“soft pearlescent sheen / supercharged pearlescent shimmer”

How Much

$34.00 for 2 x 0.12 oz

Glowingly yours,



  1. Catherine

    I picked up the Gloss Bomb–which is absolutely beautiful, the primer, which is excellent and I’ve ordered Trophy Wife and the Amber Match Stix which I’m waiting to be delivered. I did get color matched at Sephora on the foundation and the 170 light/cool was a perfect match. I have a couple of samples of the foundation which will last me through the weekend. My post:



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