Balmain Paris X L’Oreal Lipstick in Urban Safari





The first time I saw an announcement about this collaboration, I knew I needed to get my hands on at least one shade. How often does a big name, luxury designer brand like Balmain collaborate with an affordable drugstore brand like L’Oreal? The range comes in 12 different shades, and those are broken down into three categories; Rock, Glamazone and Couture. I chose a classic nude from the Glamazone collection because the green packaging is absolutely to die for.

I preordered this shade Urban Safari from Barney’s a few weeks ago, and it just arrived yesterday. As soon as I opened the package, I fell in love! Everything about this lipstick is perfect, the packaging is in the classic military/train case style of Balmain, the color is stunningly balanced, and the price is so affordable for something with the name Balmain on it.

When I first swatched the color, it reminded me a lot of the super nude in Kim K.W. from Charlotte Tilbury, but this is a little less peachy and more a true nude. It has a soft matte finish, so it doesn’t look chalky or concealer-like, but it still has that muted matte appearance. It feels very moisturizing for a matte lipstick, and on the lips it is super comfortable. Because it is a satin matte, it doesn’t last past a few hours, but who doesn’t want to pull out their Balmain lipstick a few times throughout the day to reapply?


Balmain Paris X L’Oreal


Glamazone Lipstick


Urban Safari

How Much


All in all, I am loving this luxury/drugstore combination, and I will for sure be looking to expand my collection. Let me know your thoughts on this collaboration, and if you picked up any shades!

Glowingly yours,


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