KL Polish 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection


Over the past year I have become a lot more interested in nail polish! I have been working to keep my nails healthy and painted always since starting my job, because I have always hated the look of chipped polish. My collection of shades has begun to grow, and it has a lot to do with Kathleen Lights starting her own line of nail products.

I have always loved every collab that Kathleen has come out with, she and I really seems to have the same taste in shades and undertones, so every collection of polish she has released have all been shades I could see myself wearing. This new fall collection is by far my favorite set of six that KL Polish has released yet. All of the cream finishes have a deep, smokey undertone and the two metallic/shimmers are so unique and perfect for cold weather.

I got the full limited edition box set ($45.00) because I knew I wanted every shade, but you can buy them as single polishes ($8.50) as well. In this post I have included the pictures of each shade from the KL Polish website as well as my own photos because I love how they are swatched on three very different skin tones. Let’t get into the review!






“olive army green”

Olive green is one of my favorite colors, especially for winter and fall, so when I saw this shade I knew I needed it. This has a bit of a grey undertone, so it doesn’t pull too brown or yellow on my nails, which can be a problem for me with green polishes. With one to two coats this can be a classic green, but when another coat is added you can get a much darker shade, so it’s like having two different polishes in one!

Cozy in There?





“dusty gray-blue”

I absolutely love blue nail polish. Everything from sky blue to deep navy, I need it on my nails as soon as I see it. That being said, I find this blue so unique and interesting, and as of now it is my favorite shade in the collection. In my swatch it looks a bit darker than it actually looks on the nails and in the bottle, but like Chloe you can really change the color with the number of coats you apply.

Princess Penny





“copper with a golden flip”

I am not someone who normally wears metallic polish like this, but I find this shade so stunning. It looks like actual melted copper in the bottle and it translates perfectly to the nails. I find myself always let down by polish that looks opaque and metallic in the bottle but sheer and wimpy on the nails, but this color is a definite exception.






“nude gray”

Second to my love of blue polish is my love of all things nude. I hoard nude polish, but I always have trouble finding the right undertone that doesn’t settle into a gross warm tint. This shade Wishbone has such a cool, gray undertone, but it doesn’t make you look too washed out. This was the most opaque, easiest to apply of all the shades.






“dusty purple”

I don’t often wear purple polish, but this purple really caught my eye. The smokey undertone transforms it from a silly pastel color to a more mature pop of color. I only need two coats to get this to it’s full opaque potential.

Prince Cornelious





“shimmery bronze”

I have to be honest, I was not expecting to love this color nearly as much as I do. As I said, I don’t normally wear glitter/metallic nail polish, but this color is so unique I have to try it out. Kathleen described this as “Thanksgiving in a bottle,” and I couldn’t agree more! I will for sure be wearing this all throughout the holidays. I like how I can wear one coat of this if I want just a wash of red/burgundy with some glitter in it, or three coats to get this deep brown red bronze shade.

All in all, I am a huge fan of this collection! Let me know if any of these shades catch your eye!

Glowingly yours,


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