The New Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette from Maybelline



Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette $29.99

So a week or so ago I was clicking around the New Arrivals section of Ulta and I saw this just as it was released. I decided I needed to try it out, because it combines my love of all things drugstore with my nagging need to be as cool as Gigi Hadid. If I’mm being honest, the packaging was one of the bigger selling points for me, as it reminded me of the kind of nude a Kardashian would adorn themselves in, and the color scheme seemed simple and practical enough to truly take jet-setting (or jammed under the coach seat in front of me realistically).

Since purchasing this palette, Gigi has released an entire line with Maybelline, so I will most likely be expanding my GH X Maybelline collection some time soon. In the mean tine though, let’s get into a quick review of each section of the palette.

What do you get with this palette?

2 Concealers, 2 Lip Balms, 4 Eyeshadows, 1 Blush, 1 Matte Bronzer, 1 Highlighter, 1 Mascara, 2 Brushes.



The cream section of the palette is somewhat underwhelming, but I am thinking of using the lip balms as cream cheek tints instead. The concealers are nicely color matched to me, but I don’t see how they would work for anyone much lighter or darker than me, so the audience for this palette is nearly quartered already.



I have heard people saying these shades are nothing special, but I disagree! I don’t usually like Maybelline powder shadows, but I find these to be very pigmented and blendable. While I own similar shades in many different palette, these are the colors I would most likely use when traveling. A shimmer highlight shade, neutral transition, well balanced brown and a dark color to take an eye look from day to night. I am most in love with the transition shade, I think it has the perfect amount of nude, taupe and a hint of pink.



Now this is the section that really caught my eye and made me pull the trigger on this purchase. When I travel, I almost always choose a face palette over four or five different compacts for each product. These three shades are all winners for me, especially the highlight.

The blush is an intense coral shade, perfect for so many different looks. It is extremely pigmented though, so be sure to use a very light hand just on the apples of the cheeks. The bronzer is fairly warm, so I really only like to use it for tanning the skin, not contouring. It blends nicely though and doesn’t make me look orange. The highlight shade is my favorite though, because it is my favorite combination of gold and pink. It doesn’t look chunky or glittery on the skin, all it does is give a stunning sheen to the cheekbones.



I have way too many mascaras currently open waiting to be used before their expiration, so I haven’t used this one yet, but I will give an update on it once I have.

All in all, I was not disappointed by this palette. While the price may seem high for a drugstore product, you have to keep in mind how much you are getting. While the cream section wasn’t as amazing as the rest, I do feel I have gotten my money’s worth. The shadows and face powders are all cohesive and usable, especially on the go. Let me know your thoughts on this palette, and what I should buy next from the collection!

Glowingly yours,



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