L.A. Girl Just Blushing Powders


Over the past year, drugstore brands across the board have been stepping up their game. From frequent collection releases to improved quality and packaging, affordable brands are no longer considered “cheap.” L.A. Girl is a brand that sticks out to me because of just how inexpensive their products are. They always had some good items for the price, but their recent releases have been seriously underrated and under-appreciated. I picked up two of the new blushes from the Just Blushing collection, and I was very impressed by them.

When I first went to swatch these, I was pleasantly surprised by their texture. Most drugstore blushes can be a bit powdery, but these are so smooth and easy to blend. Extremely pigmented and long lasting, my only advice with these is to use a light hand and build the color up, because a little goes a very long way.


Just Because

When I saw this shade, I was received to find an alternative to one of the only contouring blushes from the drugstore : NYX’s Taupe blush. This shade is the perfect balance of grey and neutral, AKA my ideal sculpting shade. I love dusting just a tiny bit of this right underneath my cheekbones and around my temples when my face is feeling a little flat.


Just Peachy

The best part about buying these two shades is I get to wear them both simultaneously! While the previous shade is perfect for contouring, this color is my perfect daily blush. Peach tones really wake my face up and make me look put together. I will for sure be buying more from this line!



L.A. Girl


Just Blushing Powder

How Much

$5.99 for 0.25 oz

Let me know if you’ve picked any of these affordable blushes up and what your thoughts were!

Glowingly yours,




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