Dark Matter, Gun Metal, and Haze Shadow Stacks from Melt Cosmetics


A while ago I tried out the Melt Rust Shadow Stack and absolutely fell in love, and have been dying to try the other stacks ever since. Well this Black Friday I got my chance when all Shadow Stacks were on sale for $33. I immediately ordered the three that I have had my eye on, and I am so happy I took advantage of the sale. Let’s get into a review of each stack and individual shadow!

Dark Matter Stack $48.00



(Left to right: Blurr, Unseen, Engima, Dark Matter)

The original shadow stack, Dark Matter has been on my radar for years now. I could just never stomach the $50 price tag for four shadows that aren’t super unique (or so I thought). I was not expecting to love this simple combination as much as I do. Perfect for both simple day looks and dark smokey eyes, this stack just makes sense on my lids!




My favorite shade of the stack is this perfect transition/crease shade. While it may seem very warm, it is much more balanced on the lid, making it versatile and travel friendly. I love going in with this on a big fluffy brush after I have done most of my eye look, it really blends everything together seamlessly.




This has been my go-to crease shade for work lately. It can be applied lightly for a more toned down look, or really concentrated in the hollows of the eyes to carve everything out. This and Blurr are the best natural eye combo out there!




This does not swatch nearly as well as it looks on the eyes, I promise. This burnt red-brown is a warm eye look lover’s dream. It has a tiny bit of chalkiness to it, so be careful of fallout. Don’t worry though, none of the striking color or pigmentation is lost on the lid.

Dark Matter



Making a matte black shadow is one of the hardest things for a company to pull off. I have a million matte blacks that just don’t give me the smooth opacity that I need. Enter this beauty! Extremely dark and rich, this is my ideal black shadow formula. I love dusting this in the outer V of my eye to elongate and smoke everything out.

Gun Metal Stack $48.00



(Left to right: Harsh Stone White, Assimilate, Industrial, Gun Metal)

I fell in love with this stack after watching this tutorial from Kathleen Lights, and knew I had to get my hands on it. With my coloring, I usually find myself preferring cooler toned looks, especially when it comes to dark, bold shades. Grey is one of my all time favorite colors, and a grey smokey eye is my go-to glam look.

Harsh Stone White



The moment I saw this shade, I knew that I could use it as both an inner corner and a face highlight. This shade (and two of the other metallic shades in this stack) are basically just pressed glitter, so expect a crazy amount of fallout. The fallout can be managed by using a glitter glue/primer all over the lid.




This grey/taupe is my ideal crease shade, especially for neutral and cool eye looks. This matte is very pigmented and blendable, and it matches perfectly with the two darker shades in the stack.




If you go through my eye shadow collection, you will notice a pattern of purple/grey/taupe metallics. I just find shades like this compliment my eyes and coloring perfectly. I prefer to apply this shade with my finger or a very dense synthetic fiber brush all over my lid.

Gun Metal



This shade is the main reason I wanted this stack in the first place. I absolutely love a crazy sparkly smokey eye, I think is such a cool twist on the classic dark look. For a luxurious night out, pat this all over the lid, add some black smudged liner and false lashes and you’re ready to go!

Haze Stack $48.00



I was torn when it came to whether or not to buy this stack. On the one hand, the weed references make me feel like an edgy fifteen year old, and on the other hand, the colors are gorgeous. I decided to swallow my pride and just surrender to the rebellious pot loving teen part of me. This stack is not very cohesive, but each shade is perfect as a stand alone lid shade.




Though I boast a love of all things cool toned, this straight up silver kind of intimidates me. As for now, I will reserve this for a crazy inner corner highlight or a eye catching lower lash shade.




This gold is the standout shade of the stack for me. This looks like molten metal on the lids, and it stays bright and vibrant all day. This shade would look beautiful on all skin tones, and matches with so many different crease/transition combinations.




This copper shade is a great color for fall. It makes me think of thanksgiving if I’m being honest. Sometimes orange shades can make me look almost sickly, but this shade is actually pretty flattering.




While I don’t normally find myself interested in bright red shadows, this ruby red metallic shadow really impressed me. All I can think of when I swatch and wear this shade is Dorothy’s ruby slippers!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the stacks from Melt Cosmetics and what your thoughts are!

Glowingly yours,



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