Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream Collection

I always anxiously await Kathleen Light’s collabs, we have similar taste and so far none of her products have disappointed me. When this collection with Colourpop was announced, I knew I needed every piece, and because of the amazing price point, I didn’t even have to save up much! This collection comes with an eyeshadow palette, two Ultra Satin Lips and an Ultra Glossy Lip. All of the colors really interested me, and the Ultra Satin Lip formula is my favorite product from Colourpop. Let’s get into a review of both the Dream St. Palette and the lip trio!


Dream St. Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette $16.00

While this palette has all the classic browns and metallic shades that I usually go for, it also has a few stand out shades that are a bit out of my comfort zone! The hints of blue and red are intimidating but so interesting to me, and I need to really get up the courage to wear them out! Let’s get into some swatches of each shade.

Shooting Star



“matte soft golden brown”

The perfect neutral crease shade, this brown makes the palette both cohesive and travel friendly. Just a touch of this in the crease and outer corner and my 5 minute make up is looking polished!




“matte yellow peach”

This is a great transition/crease shade for warmer looks, the peachy undertones really come through on the lid.

Star Dust



“metallic true copper”

A classic golden copper metallic shadow, this shade is perfect for all over the lid on it’s own.




“metallic true rose gold”

This is one of my favorite colors in the palette! Rose gold shadow is my all time favorite, and this shade looks so flattering on so many different people.

Sweet Dreams



“metallic soft champagne with a peachy pink flip”

This is a really lovely soft shimmer color, perfect for all over the lid on subtle make up days.

Water Bearer



“matte cool teal”

This is for sure my favorite color in the palette, and the one I am the most intimidated by! It reminds me of my favorite MAC shadow Plumage, they are both matte deep teals. This color is perfect swapped with a classic black for a cool twist on the usual smoky eye.




“matte vivid reddish rust”

This color is so Kathleen, and perfect for deepening up a warm eye look.




“matte neon red”

This color is so vibrant and juicy! If I am being honest, I am still too scared to wear it, but maybe someday soon I’ll suck it up and wear a neon red eye look.




“metallic intense silvery nude”

I know people tend to be underwhelmed by shades like this, but this is totally my comfort zone. Cool toned shimmer shades like this are my go-to lid shades for work.




“matte rich red brown”

No palette is complete without either a matte black or deep brown, so this shade is perfect for rounding out the collection. Dusted in the outer corner of a warm eye look, this really deepens up any shadow.




“satin soft baby pink”

This is a stunning brow bone and inner corner highlight, especially for those with medium to deep skin tones.

Mermaid Boy



“metallic deep teal”

I so badly want to create a look combining this all over the lid, Water Bearer in the crease and Elfish smudged on the lower lash line. Very metallic and deep, this is my ideal blue shimmer shadow.


I really thought that the eye shadows would be my favorite part of the collection, but this stunning lip trio is really growing on me. The three shades included are all perfect, and are for sure my favorite lip products Kathleen has released so far.

Ultra Satin Lip in Dreamy $6.00



“peachy pink”

This shade was not as hyped up as Rever, but it has quickly become the fan favorite of the trio. This shades is my ideal salmon pink lip, perfect when you want something a little more out there than a nude. This shade is flattering on so many different skin tones, and I cannot wait to wear it all throughout the next few weeks!

Ultra Satin Lip in RÊVER $6.00



“neon orange red”

This was the first part of the collection that was teased by Kathleen forever ago, and I knew I needed it as soon as I saw it. Kathleen shares my love of bright orange red lip colors, so I knew whatever one she created would be perfect for me, and I was right! This has the perfect balance of red and orange, and I already know I will be wearing it constantly in the warmer months.

Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Child $6.00



“pinky nude with gold glitter”

I can collect all the liquid lipsticks I want, but I will always come back to a trusty nude gloss like this. I love throwing neutral shades like this in my purse to reapply throughout the day on their own or on top of a deeper lipstick.

Let me know your thoughts on this collection!

Glowingly yours,


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