KL Polish Winter Glamourland Boxed Set

Winter Glamourland Boxed Set $45.00


I have a nail polish hoarding problem, and my love of Kathleen Light’s brand KL Polish is completely to blame. When I saw this winter collection, I was instantly obsessed, and it is for sure my favorite set she has released so far. Full of deep, classic shades and neutral tones, these six polishes are flattering on so many different people. Let’s get into some swatches and reviews of each shade!

Casino Night

“shimmery gold”

First up is this eye catching true gold sparkler! As soon as I saw this, I knew I needed to wear it on New Years Eve, and I was so pleased with how opaque and stunning it was with only two coats. I was expecting it to need a million coats like a lot of glittery polishes, but the formula is very thick and doesn’t look clumpy or gross. This is also fairly easy to peel off or remove with remover, you don’t have to scrub and pick off each piece of glitter.


“gray-black with multidimensional shimmers”

I am usually a cream or matte polish girl, but this color really caught my eye. I love dark polish, and this is such a fun twist on the classic black nail look. This truly looks like a starry galaxy on the nails, and it only needs two coats to get an even, opaque look. This would also make a great accent nail color!

Central Park

“dark blackened green”

Green nails are in and when I’m not wearing a khaki green, this pine forest color is my go-to. This makes me think of christmas trees and camping, and it has the perfect amount of black in it to make it wearable. The more coats you add, the less the green peeks through, so you can really customize this shade.


“dark berry”

I am not normally interested in berry shades for my nails, but something about this color was so unique to me. It has enough black in it to deepen up the pink and red without making it look too crimson. I wore this shade on Christmas eve and it matched the mood perfectly! This shade, like Central Park, gets darker with every coat, so you can either have a very red/pink shade or a deeper, more blackened berry color.


“true red”

A true fire truck red polish is a staple in every girls collection, so having one in my favorite formula is a must! I currently have this on my nails, and it reminds me so much of OPI’s Big Red Apple (the perfect red in my opinion). This red is such a universal shade, perfect on every age and skin tone.


“slate gray”

And last but not least, this unbelievably cool gray shade! Light neutrals are my middle name, and whenever I find a new hue in that category, I can’t get enough. This looks more taupe in the bottle than it does on the nails, so don’t get it confused with any other cool toned nude. This is a true milky gray, and I find it so striking on the nails.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these new shades and what your thoughts are!

Glowingly yours,


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