Sephora Play! Box January 2018

This month’s Sephora Play! Box arrived a little earlier than usual, and so far I am loving the selection of products! This month was different than any other because instead of a tiny perfume sample that just ends up rolling around the bottom of my purse, I get to try a high end shampoo and conditioner sample! Anyway, let’s get right into some initial reviews.

Lush Lashes


Lancome CILS BOOSTER XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base $25.50

I have gone through a few of these over the past few years, so I was happy to get a new one. I have very short, straight lashes, so mascara bases give me the thickness I need without needing a million layers of product. This keeps my lashes from looking clumpy and gross all day. I like to apply a thin coat of this, let it dry for about 30 seconds, then go in with my regular mascara as usual. This has a white cast though, so be sure to fully coat your lashes in mascara after using.

At Home With Foam


GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser $32.00

GLAMGLOW is one of those brands that I just can’t decide how I feel. While I think some of their products are really unique and cool, I always balk at the ridiculous price tag. They are known for their masks, but recently they have been releasing cleansers, so I am looking forward to trying this one out. I am not a huge fan of overly foamy cleansers because they tend to dry my skin out, but we will see.

You Duo You


Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer $15.00-$42.00

Despite this being the tiniest sample ever, I am the most excited about it! I have had the Smashbox Primerizer sitting in my Sephora cart forever now, but I could just never bring myself to buy it. I have oily skin, but I need a moisturizer if I want my make up to look anywhere close to natural, so a product that hydrates my skin and preps it has to be amazing right? I cannot wait to try this out and see if the full size is worth the hype.

A Pep in Your Prep


Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream $26.50

I actually already have a few samples of this, so I admittedly was not too excited to see it in the box, but it is a nice product. I have very dark under eye circles and if I don’t use a very hydrating eye cream my concealer always looks flakey and terrible. I prefer to use a cream like this before bed just to add a little something to my skin care routine.

Strike A Rose


Fresh Rose Floral Toner $40.00

I love this cute little sample! Fresh is one of my favorite skin care brands, and if they weren’t so expensive I would own the entire line. Toner is something that has me split, I am still not sure if it really add anything substantial to my skin care routine. Perhaps I am just not using the right one, so I will give this a try and see if it makes a noticeable difference.

A Smooth Move


ALTERNA Hair Care CAVIAR Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner $10.00-$52.00

I love the entire Caviar line, but I have never tried this combination shampoo and conditioner. I have very long, straight hair and my ends are always very dry (a bleach blonde phase that is almost all grown out) so I need hydration that won’t wear my hair down. These raved about products promise to leave my hair healthy and smooth without the heavy ingredients that most items have.

Let me know what you got this month and what your thoughts are!

Glowingly yours,


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