Glossier You 2





We all know the feeling of pride and adoration you feel when you buy a new perfume and set the stunning glass bottle on your dresser. Half the fun of a new scent is the packaging, but it can also be a bit of a drawback. While you will be hard pressed to find a purse of mine that doesn’t have at least 8 mini sprays rolling around the bottom of it, I tend to forget about them and never use them again. As much as I love the big beautiful bottles of perfume I own, sometimes I just want something portable and durable enough to throw in my purse and use throughout the day.

Enter the most adorable portable perfume solid I have ever laid eyes on! When Glossier released their signature fragrance earlier in the year, I immediately fell in love and have been wearing it religiously ever since. The scent is so unique and warm without being too spice or patchouli based. I could go on forever about the original formula (and I do here, for your reading pleasure) but I want this post to focus mostly on the ingenuity of this new product in particular.

The packaging is by far my favorite part, some have even hailed it as the fidget spinner for the millennial working woman. Since getting my hands on this, I have been messing with it non stop, everything from the perfectly smooth surface to the heaviness make it such a satisfying thing to simply hold! And best of all, with minimal effort, you can slide it open and breath in your favorite scent.

While many perfume brands go the roller ball or purse spray route, Glossier has chosen a more workable, solid balm formula which I have to say it genius. The scent is a dead match for the original, so you can start the day with a spray and touch it up with this seamlessly half way through your lunch break. I like to warm it up in my hands a tiny bit, then just dab a touch of the balm behind my ears and on my wrists when I want a little more warmth in my scent.

If you fell in love with the original Glossier You perfume, do yourself a favorite and pick this little egg up, you won’t be sorry!

Base Notes

ambrette: comfy, warm
ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
musk: long-lasting, addictive

Top Notes

iris root: earthy, green, woody
pink pepper: spice, sparkling




You Perfume Solid

How Much

0.14 oz for $22.00

Glowingly yours,


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