February Boxy Charm 2018

The theme of this month’s box is Galaxy Glow, and as much as I have had my fill of all things holographic, there were some pretty great items! Don’t get me wrong, I love playing around with my galactic style make up but the older I get, the more I want my collection to consist of wearable products. I wish I could wear a blue highlight to work, but for now I will just stick with my golds. Anyway, let’s just get right into a quick review of each item in the box!




Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter Palette $39.99

“With six stunning holographic shades, this highlighting palette is essential for any makeup enthusiast. Each iridescent shade is perfect for highlighting and layering to transform any look into something enchanting.”

This product has me split. Half of me (the half that pined over the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child palette) is happy to finally have a holographic palette in my collection, and the other half is thinking of the practicality of these shades. I can already tell you I won’t really be using this on my cheeks for day to day looks, but I have been playing around with incorporating a few of the shades into my eye looks. The powders are very creamy and blendable, so all in all the quality of the product impressed me quite a bit.



Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Amethyst $28.00

“These multi-use, shimmering creme colors are crease-proof enough for the boldest of eye looks and formulated with a weightless finish for a shimmering effect anywhere on the face. Suitable for all skin types.”

And now for my absolute favorite item in the box! Cover FX is one of my favorite brands, and their liquid/cream products are top of the line in my opinion. When they released these eyeshadows I wanted to test them out but the price tag always had me second guessing myself. I got the shade Amethyst, and I have such a weakness for colors like this with a light purple shift (think Buxom’s La La Lavish shadow). This applies to opaque and pigmented without feeling thick or chunky on the lids. Once this dries, it stays put for hours, so work quickly! You can wear this all over the lid for an intense look, or just dab a bit on the center of the lid on top of a more muted eye look for day to day wear. I am already in love with this shadow, so I will definitely be picking up a few more shades from the line.



Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil in Jet Black $21.00

“Jessica’s richly pigmented smokey eye pencil delivers intense jet-black definition! Creating pencil-point precision or smudgy, saturated color, the creamy-soft formula glides on lids without tugging or pulling.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I cannot get myself to be excited about another black pencil liner, especially when it claims to be “smokey,” which just says to me that it smudges like crazy. While I do love a blown out, smudgey lash line, I need something that won’t stray to my under eye area and beyond. This liner is very black and opaque, but it smudges so easily I can’t imagine it lasts long on the water line. I will test it out though and see if it proves me wrong.



Bellapierre Cosmetics Cosmic Glitter in Cosmic Purple $15.00

“This ultra-fine, loose cosmetic face and body glitter is fun, versatile, and extremely brilliant. Enhance your look with subtle touches of glitter or go all out with dynamic and intense glitter effects.”

While I love looking at loose glitters, I am so terrible at applying them. This is one of those products that I will rarely use, but I enjoy having it in my collection. This shade is very reflective and eye catching, and I like that it keeps with the purple shadow theme, I love when I can use a few items in each box together.


Crown Pro Trio Brush Set $29.99

“Use this 3pc Pro Brush Trio to contour your face to perfection! The small brush can be used to conceal imperfections and highlight underneath the eyes. The medium size brush can be used to sculpt the cheekbones and perimeter of the face. Finally, the large powder brush can be used to set everything in place.”

I love getting brushes in my box, mostly because I never find myself going out of my way to buy brushes. I have more than enough, which means I rarely branch out and buy new ones, so lately Boxy Charm is the only thing getting me to try new tools! Crown Pro makes great brushes on a budget, and their synthetic line is no exception. I like using fiber brushes like this for my cream and liquid face products and eye shadows. They are styled exactly like my favorite drugstore Wet n Wild brushes, so they match on my vanity perfectly!

Let me know what you got in this month’s box!

Glowingly yours,


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