Anastasia Beverly Hills X Amrezy Highlighter





“I live for the perfect glow-it’s a constant focus in my makeup routine. I’m always looking for the most luminous glow with a natural, second skin finish. This collaboration with ABH brings my highlighter dreams to life, and I’m so happy to share this “sun in a compact” with my Rezy riders.”
– Amrezy

No matter your opinions on Amrezy, you have to admit that she has the glow look damn near perfected. I happen to be a huge fan of hers, I find her pretty refreshing (and a bit terrifying) and her make up is always on point. This is her second collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I still kick myself for not grabbing the Amrezy eyeshadow palette from a few years ago. When she announced a highlight collab I knew whatever it was, it was going to be stunning.

Amrezy’s signature color is gold, so it was no surprise when I saw this golden product. I was expecting it to be almost unwearable for day to day looks, but something about the formula is so buildable, I can get a light sheen or an intense one easily. I am absolutely obsessed with the packaging and presentation, it looks like golden silk and I could just stare at it all day.

I have been wearing this since I got it, and it continues to impress me. I find it best applied with a small fan brush, and if I set it with a setting spray it will last all damn day. It never clings to or emphasizes any texture I may have on my cheeks, and it doesn’t look powdery or caked on. I have also used this a few times as an eyeshadow just in the center of my lid to brighten up a halo look. This color is perfect for light to dark skin tones, so pretty much everyone can use it. If you have super pale skin though this may be a bit too golden on you, but you can make it work with a very light hand.


Anastasia Beverly Hills


Amrezy Highlighter

How Much

$28.00 for 0.31 oz

Let me know if you’ve tried this product out and what you thought!

Glowingly yours,


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