Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette



ABH has recently released a slew of brand new products, and I found myself interested in this simple palette. I read a lot of people saying that this palette didn’t excite them, that the shades were all dupable and boring. Personally, while I don’t find this palette to be revolutionary, I do find it to be perfectly rounded out. This is a great palette for someone who wants a palette that can give them simple day to day looks, or a deeper smokey eye. This is a warm eye look lover’s dream, and best of all the formula is in the style of their super popular Modern Renaissance palette.

I think that Anastasia makes some of the best, most blendable mattes out there, and this palette has really reinforced that. Mixed in among the mattes are a few shimmery and metallic shades, which is perfect for adding some drama to my go-to daily matte eye look. Let’s get into some swatches and a quick review of each shade in this palette!




“ultra-matte velvety beige”

This is a shade from the MR palette, and my current favorite brow bone highlight shade. I also love using this to soften up and harsh colors I may have added a bit too much of.




“iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflects”

This warm gold is a great all over the lid wash of shimmer. It adds just enough color without looking too glittery and over the top.

Orange Soda



“ultra matte pastel peach”

When ABH released single shadows, this seemed to be one of the more popular shades, so I am super excited to have it in the palette. I have been using this as a warm transition shade blown out in my crease.

Rose Pink



“rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue”

Another great shimmer wash of color for the lid. I like wearing this with just a touch of dark brown dusted into the crease and out v.




“a hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown”

I love this shade, despite how hard it is to work with. I prefer using my fingers to pat this onto the center of my lid, that is the best way to really keep the metallic look intact. If I use a brush with this, it comes off much more brown and satin when I blend it in.




“metallic gold bronze”

I am a firm believer that every palette needs a classic bronze, so seeing this really made me fall in love with the palette. I love wearing this all over the lid with some dark brown liner smudged on my lash line.




“ultra matte mulberry”

This looks much redder in the pan than it does on the lids thankfully, so I love using this to deepen up my very warm eye looks. The subtle brown undertone makes this shade so wearable.

Dusty Rose



“ultra matte dusty lilac”

Dusty rose shadows are my weakness, and this is such a stunning one. I love dusting this all in my crease and outer corner, then topping it off with a neutral taupe shimmer shade. I love both warm and cool eye looks, so having this cool shade in such a warm palette is a treat.




“multi-dimensional light gold”

This color is probably the one I am least impressed by, just because I find it almost boring. I have a million shadows that look just like this, and it is so pale that I don’t really like how it looks alone on my lids. I reach for the shade Glistening over this one honestly.

Burnt Orange



“ultra matte deep orange”

This orange scared me at first, but paired with Orange Soda makes it blend so seamlessly into a warm smokey eye.




“ultra matte earthy brown”

Browns are my favorite, and a palette filled with many different earth tones is amazing to me. This shade is the reddest of the browns in the palette, so I like using it with my copper and berry metallics.




“ultra matte deep cinnamon brown”

I love the almost yellow tinge in this brown, it pulls very warm without looking red or muddy. I love wearing this smudged on my lower lash line.

Cyprus Umber



“ultra matte dark coffee”

This stunning deep brown is also from the MR palette, and I am so happy it is included. I love adding just a touch of this to my outer corners for some depth.




“ultra matte deep carbon black”

And of course, every palette needs a matte black. Perfect for deepening up any eye look and a great alternative to black liquid liner. I love smudging this on my upper and lower lash line instead of winged liner because I just love how blown out and effortless it looks.


Anastasia Beverly Hills


Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

How Much

$42.00 for 14 x 0.02 oz

Let me know if you’ve tried this palette and what your thoughts are!

Glowingly yours,



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