Glossier New Lidstar Eyeshadows



In true Glossier fashion, this new product had no fan fare or build up, no release date to count down to. The only insight anyone got was photographs of the stunning red carpet make up from the 2018 Oscars. Instead of spamming everyone’s feed with advertisements for weeks leading up to the release, Glossier sent out the Lidstar line to celebrity make up artists and let us fall in love with the product after seeing it grace the eyelids of Allison Janney (Best Supporting Actress), Greta Gerwig (Breakout Director of Ladybird), Salma Hayek and Maya Rudolph.

All six shades intrigued me for different reasons, and the finish was something I wanted to test out. While intense liquid shadows are having their moment on the sun (think Stila Magnificent Metals Shadows), I find those a little too intense and glittery for day to day wear. The Lidstars are described as “less shadow, more glow” and that is exactly what I’m looking for in a daily shadow.

These all apply smooth and even on the lid, even without a lid primer. I have pretty dry eyelids and sometimes cream shadows can skip or drag, but these almost feel hydrating. They never look too glittery or thick, and I can skip the brushes and blend with my fingers for a quick, easy application. Once these dry down, they stay put so I never have to worry about fading or creasing throughout the day. Let’s get into a quick review and some swatches of each shade!




“a sheer lilac base with blue and violet pearls”

Give me a purple shadow with a blue shift and I will fall in love every time. This is a much more wearable liquid version of my beloved La La Lavish shadow from Buxom. I love blending a small dab of this all over the lid for a really subtle holographic eye look.




the sheerest cream base with blueish opalescent glimmer”

When I don’t get enough sleep the night before, I gravitate towards bright shimmer shades like this to make me look a little more lively and awake. I just apply this all over my lids and add some mascara.




a sheer baby pink with golden highlight effect”

This shade gives me just enough color to look polished and pulled together, but is still subtle enough to wear to work. Baby pinks can sometimes look a little off on my skin tone (because I have such pink undertones) but the gold reflects in this shadow really make it pop against my skin. I love pairing this shade with a little brown liner smudged on the lash line and a light brown dusted in the outer corners.




a rose gold with warm shimmer effect”

Rose golds are universally flattering, and they are my favorite way to incorporate very warm shadows into my routine. This can be blended out for a more understated rosy look, or packed on top of a pigmented eye base (like MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot) for a very intense metallic effect.




a cool, smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls”

This is definitely my favorite shade in the collection, I am obsessed with metallic taupe shadows. I have very pink, cool undertones so a neutral to cool leaning color like this always looks good. I like packing this on with a light grey shadow in the crease for an interesting slate take on the classic smoky eye.




a smoky green with yellow gold pearl”

Deep khaki greens always catch my attention because I find them so stunning across the board, whether it’s an eye shadow or a nail polish. This shade is beautifully on it’s own all over the lid or blended out just a touch in the outer corners. I have hazel eyes, and this really compliments the green in them without making me look odd or sickly (like some green shadows can do).





How Much

$18.00 for 0.15 oz

Let me know your favorite shade in the bunch!

Glowingly yours,



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