Brand On The Rise: Kristin Ess Hair Caire



Sorry for the sparse posting and the quality of these pictures! I am moving, and have been spending every free moment packing and preparing, so everything else in my life has kind of been put on the back burner. I needed to take an hour or so for myself, so I thought I would unwind and talk about beauty products with you all.

I have been obsessing over this new, affordable hair care line at Target from Kristin Ess for a few months now, and I just have to share them with everyone! Everything about this line speaks to me, from the demure packaging to the ever expanding range of products. I feel like every time I find myself in Target, I am drawn to the hair care section immediately (previously I would just sit and stare at the Pixi Beauty display forever). The easy to stomach price tag makes collecting every item a totally doable task as well. Let’s get into a review of each product!


The One Purple Conditoner $12.00

My freshman year of college, I went super blonde, and my hair is still paying the price for it all these years later. I have naturally brown hair, but it pulls very brassy when I lighten it. I love any purple hair products that help tone down the redness, and this product does just that. The best part about this is that it adds a lot of moisture while it tones, so it never leaves my ends dry and brittle.


Refine Signature Finishing Spray $14.00

A hair spray is a must have for me because my hair is naturally pin straight. I love adding waves or curls, but if I don’t use a finishing spray like this, they fall flat in an hour or so. This spray leaves my hair soft and touchable, but it holds even a tight curl all day long. I can even brush out my hair after using this and it never gets tangled or ratty.


Instant Lift Volumizing Mousse $14.00

This was actually the first Kristin Ess product I fell in love with, and it is still one of my favorites. My hair is almost waist length and pretty thick, so I have little to no volume due to the weight. Just a small bit of this brushed into my wet roots gives me textured volume without the blow out. I have never been one to love a mousse formula, but this one is super lightweight and easy to use.


Dry Finish Working Texture Spray $14.00

Texture sprays have been extremely popular lately, but I have to admit I haven’t really given them much thought. I previously thought they were reserved for shorter, layered hair cuts, but I have come to love the way this makes my hair look. I just spray a bit of this at the crown of my head for that teased, messy ponytail or bun look.


Working Texture Loose Styling Powder $10.00

I initially got this because I thought it would work like baby powder for my greasy roots, but I have come to find it is really meant to be used for styling braids and updos! I love wearing my hair in a braid, but sometimes my straight strands can look almost too smooth and flat. I just tap a bit of this in my palm, rub it into the lengths of my hair and style as usual. It keeps my braids looking effortless but consistent all day long.


Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner $10.00

Leave-in conditioner sprays have always been my go-to after shower product, and this one has really impressed me so far. I need about 5 sprays to fully coat my hair, then I just brush out and let it air dry. My ends are noticeably softer and I do see more shine throughout the day.

kristinessseasaltair dry spray

Sea Salt Air Dry Spray $10.00

This is the newest item in my collection, and I am already using it religiously. I usually recoil when I see sea salt in anything because it usually dries out my already parched hair. I decided to give this a try anyway because I almost always let my hair air dry, and the upcoming humid weather has me worried about frizz. I love the soft, smooth finish this gives my hair, and it keeps my hair looking volumized and lightweight all day.


Rose Gold Temporary Tint $12.00

This product has begun to bring a lot of attention to the brand, and for good reason! This is such a cool concept to me, especially considering how popular rose gold accents are right now. The ends of my hair are still pretty blonde, so I just spray a bit of this in, rinse it out after a few minutes, then blow dry for rose gold tips that last a few weeks. I hope she comes out with some more colors (a silvery lavender please!) because effortless temporary color like this is perfect for so many people.

Next time you are in Target, head to the hair isle and check out any of these amazingly cool new products from Kristin Ess!

Glowingly yours,



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