March Favorites 2018

I have been trying out so many new products this month, I finally have enough to do a proper favorites post! I am still moving and dealing with all that so my posting may continue to be a bit sparse over the next week or so, but I just had to get this post up because before we know it April will be half way over. Let’s get right into some reviews of my most used products over the past month!


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer $39.00 

After falling in love with the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, I just had to try out this moisturizer when it was released. It is meant for oily to combination skin, but it doesn’t claim to be mattifying which I actually prefer. Moisturizers that are too mattifying tend to dry me out, so I’d much rather have a nourishing cream and a mattifying primer on top. The gel formula is so lightweight on the skin and it sits beautifully underneath foundation. If you have combination skin, you will really love the hydration this delivers without any of the heavy, greasy texture.


Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation in Classic Ivory $11.99

I was not expecting to care for this foundation at all, because full coverage foundations tend to look very mask-like on my skin. This is a lot more subtle than I thought it would be, without skimping on the coverage at all. This has a satin matte finish, so it doesn’t make my face look flat or dull, and it really does last all day on me. If you are looking for a long wearing drugstore option, try this new item out!


Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer in Fair Neutral $29.00

I absolutely love the original Naked Skin concealer from UD, so when they released this longer lasting counterpart I had to try it out. This formula can be the tiniest bit drying, but I actually prefer mixing it with my Lancome under eye concealer to brighten it up. I got a very light shade and I just dab a tiny bit close to the inner corner of my under eye area, it really evens out the purple shadows and brings light to the most sunken parts of my face. If you have very dry under eyes, I wouldn’t recommend this without a very moisturizing eye cream underneath, but I have been able to make it work mixed with a dewier concealer.



Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Sunkissed $14.99

The original Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula has become something of a cult favorite, and a total staple product in my daily routine. When I saw this new light shade released, something drew me to it, While the regular Butter Bronzer shade is very neutral and perfect for both contouring and bronzing, this color Sunkissed is much warmer, and really only good for bronzing up the skin. I have been dusting a bit of this on the high points of my face, and it truly mimics a light, bronzey glow. There is some subtle shimmer in this, but it comes of as a natural sheen on the skin, no glittery chunks at all. If you loved the original Butter Bronzer but have been wanting something a little warmer the closer we get to summer, give this shade a try!



Physician’s Formula Butter Blush in Vintage Rouge $12.99

I have the first two shades that PF released in the Butter Blushes following the crazy success of the bronzers, and I was just a bit underwhelmed honestly. After that, I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by their newer shades, but this has quickly become my go-to daily blush. A stunningly balanced peach shade that gives my face life without any shine or glitter. While it may look matte, there is just the tiniest satin hint, so it never looks chalky on my cheeks. The formula is just as smooth and blendable as the beloved Butter Bronzer, so I have been blending a bit of this into the bronzer in Sunkissed for a flushed, bronzed look perfect for spring!




CLE Cosmetics Essence Moonlighter Cushion Highlight in Glinting Buff $30.00

I know this swatch looks completely boring and glittery, not usually my type when it comes to highlights I’ll admit. But this is my new favorite barely there highlight to wear on no make up – make up days. The cushion packaging makes this look extra dewy and wet on the face, and once it dries it lasts all day. I just use my finger to tap a tiny bit of this on the high points of my cheeks, and as soon as a blend it out the tiniest bit, the glitter goes away and just leaves behind an extremely subtle glow. This is the kind of highlight that truly grabs the light and works with your skin’s natural texture and shade. If you work somewhere that doesn’t call for a blinding highlight like me, give this a try.




Dose of Colors Baked Browns Eyeshadow Palette $32.00

I recently posted about the Marvelous Mauves palette from Dose of Colors, and after loving the formula so much I had to pick up this staple palette. Full of chocolatey mattes, this has quickly become my day to day warm palette. This has everything I need to create a work appropriate eye look that looks both put together and natural. For a palette to really wow me, it needs both a brow bone/transition shade and a deep matte to dust into my outer v, and this has both! The formula of these mattes is so buttery and smooth, they don’t look chalky or flat on the eyes no matter how much product I pile on.



Glossier Lidstars in Fawn and Lily $18.00

These shimmery top coat shadows quietly slipped onto the scenes via the Oscar’s Red Carpet, and the beauty community has been drooling ever since. I have been using all six shades, but these two are the real stand outs to me. Lily is such a unique purple shift, and because of how sheer it is I can make it work during the day or night. Fawn is a stunning taupe, my absolute favorite neutral shades for a cool take on the typical smokey eye. I swipe these on and blend them in with my fingers to get a more natural, sheered out look. I have also been applying Fawn over a dark brown cream base to really make it pop.


Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara $20.00

I have been absolutely loving tubing mascaras lately, mostly just because of how easy they are to remove before my nap after work! I had always heard about this mascara but never had the inkling to try it for myself until I entered this tubing phase. This is a very subtle mascara on me, it adds length without looking fake or clumpy at all. If you want dramatic lashes, you may be underwhelmed by this, but I truly love the natural fluffiness it gives me.



Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner in Incognito $17.00

Almost every time I went into Sephora over the past few months, I have swatched all of these lip liners, trying desperately to decide which shade I wanted to try first. I finally decided on this warm peachy nude shade Incognito after hearing Estee Lalonde rave about it, and I am pretty happy with my choice! The formula of this is so creamy considering it is a wooden pencil liner, and I love wearing it on it’s own or underneath a pinky/nude lip gloss. I will be adding more shades to my collection soon, I can guarantee that.



Dior Lip Glow Color Revival Balm in 001 Pink $34.00

This is one of those products that has always been at the back of my mind (and online shopping carts everywhere) because of it’s cult status appeal and loyal following. I love subtle lip tints that also add a moisturizing factor, and this is just that. This feels like a lip balm, but gives my lips a rosy flush that looks natural and put together at the same time. If you have been sitting on the fence about this product forever like me, I can now confidently say it is totally worth the money.


The Ordinary Advanced Retinol 2% $9.80

I have been on my new keto diet for a little over two weeks now, and when I first started my skin had a bit of a freak out. I have cystic acne that comes and goes (usually at the worst, most stressful time AKA moving ugh) and typical spot treatments and serums just don’t get deep enough to clear it up. I looked online and found that instead of using something with sulfur or any other typical acne buzzword ingredient, a true retinoid is the best for speeding up the regeneration of healthy skin cells. This retinoid from The Ordinary is extremely affordable and totally gets the job done. I used this every other day for a week and saw a huge difference in the texture and overall glowiness of my skin.


Nivea Creme $7.79

This is another cult classic product that I just never got around to trying until recently, and I totally get the hype. I have been using this multi-purpose cream as a night time moisturizer and have noticed a total difference in the softness of my skin. Because I have oily combo skin, I usually avoid heavy creams like the plague, but this one is something special. I know so many older women with flawless, youthful skin that credit this as their biggest ally, and I understand why. If you have very dry skin, go grab this little affordable tub from your nearest Rite Aid and try it out.


Ouai Memory Mist $28.00

I will never not love Ouai as a brand, their entire look is so cohesive and millennial while still maintaining a hugely diverse fan base. I use Ouai, my mom uses it, and it just continues to impress. I picked this heat protectant/hairspray hybrid up after feeling frustrated with my current go to style holding products. I spray a bit of this on my dry strands before using a curling wand, and it gives me amazing, all day hold without any of the crunch or frizz. And the best part? This smells amazing, and I always get asked what perfume I am wearing when I use this!


IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo $27.00

And last but not least, the coolest product in the bunch! This brand always catches my eye, something about the bulky packaging each with a different, unique backdrop and cool as hell name for a product as boring as dry shampoo. IGK makes a few different dry shampoos, all with varying levels of oil reduction and texturizing. I wanted a product that wouldn’t add much texture when it removes all the greasiness that my hair collects after just a day or so. This charcoal based formula really does soak up everything in seconds without leaving a white cast or making my hair feel brittle and dry. If you have a lot of oiliness between shampoos, give this heavy duty dry shampoo a try!

Let me know your favorites from the past month!

Glowingly yours,


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