On Trend: The Two Nail Shades You Need


As trend crazy as make up can be, nail polish colors are one step above. I can pretty much remember different stages in my life by what color everyone was picking out during their manicures (Essie Wicked was my middle school existence) and it has almost become a highlight of my seasonal transition time: which nail color will blow up next?

As the weather grows warmer, we all tend to reach for our trusty orang red and pastel shades, but this spring and summer I will be wearing two new shades, and I think you will start to see them everywhere. As the spring collections are released, my trend predictions seem to be confirmed, as my new favorite colors have started to pop up everywhere.

Dusty Denim Blue

I know this may seem like a dark color for summer, but there is just something about a denim blue that feels cool and relaxed. Into The Gloss agrees with me, their most recent post is all about a dusty denim shade from Dior called Blop! My personal favorite take on the color though comes from Kathleen Lights at KL Polish. In her last winter collection she released a shade called Cozy In There and I fell in absolute love. As much as I love bright cobalts and dreamy sky blues, the dusty, almost grey undertone of shades like this just pop on the nails.

KL Polish Cozy In There

KL Polish Cozy In There? $8.50

dior blop

Dior Blop $28.00

butter london bang on

Butter London Bang On! $18.00

orly destressed denim

Orly De-Stressed Denim $8.99

nars mots bleus

NARS Mots Bleus $20.00

Anything Yellow

And on the seemingly opposite end of the spectrum, anything yellow! Yellow polish has always been wacky and out there, reserved for very specific occasions and rarely released by any brands not from the drugstore. This past few weeks though I have seen so many high end brands putting out their version of the sunny color, and I am just so inspired by it! It perfectly compliments the summer months, whether it is a bright canary shade or a more subtle pastel pop. You have to admit, there is some kind of poetic sense in wearing bright yellow nails while laying out in the sunshine.

P.S. The difficulty with yellow polish is that some of the shades can almost oxidize, leaving you with a shade that you weren’t quite expecting, so make sure to use a strong top coat to keep your color fresh and perfect.

K Polish Selene

KL Polish Selene $8.50

OPI Sun sea and sand in my pants

OPI Sun, Sea and Sand In My Pants $10.50

china glaze lemon fizzz

China Glaze Lemon Fizz $7.50

chanel giallo napoli

CHANEL Giallo Napoli $28.00

YSL jaune babouche

YSL Jaune Babouche $28.00

Let me know what your current go-to nail shades are!

Glowingly yours,


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