Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer in Rosewood




I was planning on reviewing this right after the Amrezy highlighter, but time got away from me and it sat in my drafts folder for a while, until today! I feel like I have become such a bronzer person over the past few months, maybe it has something to do with finding some amazing products or the fact that I am a little more confident in my use of them.

When I got this bronzer I was a little intimidated by how pigmented it was, because for me less is always more and I prefer to slowly build up my face color. I was surprised by how easy and naturally this applied with a big fluffy brush. I chose the shade Rosewood over the more neutral toned Tawny because I wanted something with some shimmer that would bronze my skin instead of contour. This color has such a subtle sheen, I absolutely love how it looks on my skin, it really does give me a sun-kissed glow without any orange tint or glittery chunks.

The most impressive part of this bronzer to me though is it’s lasting power. Bronzer is the thing that fades the fastest on my skin throughout the day, so by the time I come home I almost never have any tan left underneath my blush and highlight. The first time I wore this product to work, I was so excited to see it still bronzey and vibrant on my cheeks when I got home at the end of the day. It had lost a tiny but of it’s sheen, but none of it’s color and it still looked smooth without any patchiness. Since falling in love with this shade, I am considering adding Tawny to my collection for a more grey based contour shade!


Anastasia Beverly Hills


Powder Bronzer



“light golden”

How Much

$28.00 for 0.35 oz

Let me know you’re favorite bronzer!

Glowingly yours,



One Comment

  1. Nova

    Hmmm I’ve been thinking about picking one of these up because their value is actually really good! When you look at how much product you are getting, the price is great! Might have to go for it now…


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