KL Polish Ethereal Garden Spring 2018 Collection

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love all things Kathleen Lights, and KL Polish! The formula stays chip free on my nails for weeks and the colors are always in season and unique. I saw this spring collection and fell in love with all the soft muted pastels, they just felt so feminine and delicate.

I’ve had these for a few weeks now, so I have a good idea of how each shade wears and looks with my skin tone. Let’s get into a review of each color!

Limited Edition Boxed Set $45.00


“Pinky is a sheer peachy pink polish that’s perfect for everyday wear!”

If I could, I would live in these sheer washes of neutral pink, they are just so perfect for every occasion. I always prefer colors like this for work because they look polished and professional without being boring. I like to wear two coats of this over a clear base for a sheer pink look.

Gum Would Be Perfection

“Gum Would Be Perfection is the prettiest bubblegum pink polish. You’ll reach for it all spring!”

Chalky, bubblegum pink is one of those shades that make me look tan, so I love wearing them in the warmer months. I love the name of this one too, such a great Friends reference! I think this would look stunning against deeper skin tones.

Dream Boy

“Dream Boy is the pastel lilac polish of your dreams.”

The best word to describe this color truly is dreamy! I love this variation of the classic light blue summer polish, the lilac adds a dusty element that really commands attention.


“Our most unique polish to date, Charmed is a magenta duo chrome polish with a blue flip.”

I wanted this color for the same reason I wanted the Buxom Bar Shadow in La La Lavish, the blue/purple duochrome is stunning. This color looks different in different lighting and from different angles, so it’s like wearing three polishes all at once. I like wearing three coats of this to really get an opaque purple base.

Miss Kensington

“Not your typical mint green, Miss Kensington is a mint with a hint of aqua.”

I have always been a sucker for mint shades, and the nails is the easiest way to incorporate it into my beauty routine. This shade has just the right amount of green/aqua in it, it never settles into a dull green after a few days. I love the chalky white base, it really brings out whatever tan I may have!


“Selene is the perfect muted yellow. The silver micro glitters add a hint of glam!”

I’ve always bought and stared at yellow polishes, but could never quite get it right. They always looked great at application, but became sallow or too jarring after a few hours/days. This yellow seemed muted enough to wear to work, but sunny enough to feel summery. I like the subtle silver shimmer in it, it adds a glowy element that keeps the color looking fresh until I remove it.

Let me know your favorite spring/summer polishes!

Glowingly yours,



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