Two New Cloud Paint Shades From Glossier

If Glossier releases a new product, you best be ready to hear my thoughts on it! I was so excited to learn that they were expanding the Cloud Paint color range, it is my all time favorite cream/liquid blush formula. The four original shades were pretty inclusive, and worked on a large spectrum of skin tones, but there is always room for more! The two new shades are much darker and more vibrant than the first four, making them perfect for deeper skin tones. The formula is consistent with the first release, and the finish is the same matte but not flat look. You can read a more in depth review of the formula here. Let’s get into some swatches and a review of each new shade!




Dawn is described as a “sunny coral” and it is definitely the brightest liquid blush I have ever attempted to use! The tiniest bit goes a very long way, so be careful not to overdo it! On my light skin is is very noticeable, but still easy to blend in so it never looks patchy. If you have medium, olive toned skin I think this color would really pop on you! I have been mixing it with my more nude blushes to tone down the orange undertones for work days.




Storm, described as a “warm rose”, is a deeper shade than Dawn, but more muted and wearable on more people. This shade is my favorite of the two, mostly because it matches a lot of my mauve eye shadows perfectly, making for an easy monochromatic look. This color is similar to the shade Haze from the original four released, but this has less purple and more rosiness.

So what colors would I like to see in this formula next? I want a true peach, reminiscent of my beloved, discontinued Chanel Presage cream blush. I would also love the established colors in a range of finishes! I love a tiny bit of sheen on the tops of my cheeks, and if I could get a satin version of Dusk I would be the happiest girl around.




Cloud Paint Cream Blush

How Much

$18.00 for 0.33 oz (Get two shades for $30.00)

Let me know your go to cream blush!

Glowingly yours,


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