A Few Hair Products I’m Loving


I recently got my hair trimmed, and for a few weeks after losing my precious inches I always have a little trouble styling my new length. Here are three products I have been loving since my yearly haircut!

Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Air Dry Crème $10.00


I have naturally straight hair, so I rarely find myself needing to blow dry my hair very often. I love using air dry creams to tame any frizz and add moisture to my ends. Kristin Ess is one of my all time favorite affordable hair brands, and this newer product leaves my hair looking healthy and natural without weighing it down. I brush about a quarter size drop of this cream through my damp hair and then let it do it’s magic!

Verb Ghost Prep $16.00


My hair is still quite long, so when I shower before bed, I like using something that is both moisturizing and detangling, and this light cream from Verb is perfect. The entire Ghost line is great for all hair types, it is extremely light but it always works. This also doubles as a great heat protector if I know I will be curling my hair later on in the day!

R + Co Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder $36.00


I have fallen in love with dry shampoo powders, mostly because I use dry shampoo to soak up oil, not so much for texture. I have always found this brand so damn cool, and this powder is weird and fun to use! I only need one puff of the powder on my hair line, then only half for the back of my head. After a quick tousle to spread the powder, all my greasiness is gone without any white cast or residue. I can’t wait to bring this in my purse to work for a mid day pick up.

Let me know what hair products you have been loving!

Glowingly yours,



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