Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Palettes in Armed & Gorgeous and Dark Magic

There has been a ton of controversy surrounding the Vault Eyeshadow Palettes, with the first batch being recalled for inconsistencies and then some pretty intense backlash at Jaclyn for standing by her collaboration. The main complaint about these palettes has been the dryness of the mattes, and the general difficulty with blending any of the shades. There are four palettes in the vault, but I only found myself interested in these two (the other two are a very red/orange palette and a purple palette). These are supposedly the shades that did not make it into the original Jaclyn Hill Palette that released last year, and people are saying that the quality of the original palette is far better than these.

I have never been a big Morphe customer, I don’t find the large palettes necessary, but I do see how they could be perfect for someone wanting a lot of shadows for little money. I have so many eyeshadow palettes that I rarely find myself reaching for anything even half as large as the 35 pan palettes. The only time I ever really find myself interested in Morphe products is when they collab with an artist or Youtuber that I enjoy, and I still use my Kathleen Lights palette once or twice a week. I wanted to test these palettes out after seeing so many different opinions, and I have played around with enough of the shadows to give a pretty good idea of how they performed for me. Let’s get into a quick review and swatch of each shade!



Armed & Gorgeous




“icy white shimmer”

I find this shade works really well as an intense inner corner highlight paired with a cool eye look, but is a bit too opaque to use on my brow bone.




“matte turmeric gold”

As soon as I saw this shade, I immediately thought of the bright orange turmeric pill I take every morning! This shade is very eye catching, so don’t think you can just dust this in the crease of your favorite warm eye look. I like to mix this with a more muted orange to make it a bit more wearable.

Gilt Trip



“gold leaf shimmer”

This color may seem a bit lack luster, but I have been using it as basically a lid topper. I pat it onto the center of my lid over whatever look I have on to add that extra level of shimmer.




“glitzy gold sheen”

A more intense, pressed pigment-like version of Gilt Trip, this shade is perfect for a sultry night look.




“matte saffron”

Pair this with Access and you have an insane orange eye look that takes a certain person to pull off! I have been dusting just a tiny bit of this into my outer corner to add extra warmth to my looks.

Top Secret



“matte absinthe green”

I have been absolutely loving deep matte greens lately, and this color really spoke to me. It is on the drier side which is a bit disappointing, but as long as I really pack and blend this into my lids, the color comes through. This shade packed over a black cream base is a great twist on the classic dark matte smokey eye.

Smooth Criminal



“matte cognac”

Another shade that ended up being pretty dry, I don’t find myself using this shade very much, mostly just because of how red this pulls on me. Red shadows can easily make me look like I have pink eye, and this shade just doesn’t look that great on me.




“matte tangerine”

Another crazy fun orange, this once has a bit more brown in it, making it wearable for more people.




“matte dark truffle”

I thought I was going to be disappointed by this shade because it swatches so much lighter than it looks in the pan, but I have actually been loving how easy this is to build slowly into my crease. This has the tiniest hint of mauve in it that makes this shade very versatile in both cool and warm eye looks.




“shimmering burnt gold”

I love when a gold shade has just a touch of bronze in it, I find the tiny deep shift so mature and alluring on the lids. I like to pack this all over the lid, with a deep brown or black lightly blended into just the outer corners.


Dark Magic




“matte cream”

I love any palette that includes a good all over the lid setting shade like this, it makes for a much more well rounded palette. I like to pat this all over wherever I have put my eye shadow primer, it makes everything else blend beautifully.

Power Cut



“metallic silver”

Though I can rarely find the appropriate time to wear them, I absolutely love silver deep silver eyeshadows. I can easily get tired of the classic gold/bronze eye look, and a shade like this all over the lid is the perfect way to switch it up.




“matte dusty taupe”

While this swatch may seem underwhelming to some, I actually like when I can use a shade like this lightly, then build it up slowly. I would much rather add a few layers to get my desired color the have to blend away all the product to get to a wearable place. I like adding this all throughout my crease to subtly deepen up my eye looks.




“sparkling emerald”

This shade immediately made me think of the broadway show Wicked (which I used to make my younger sisters perform with me for my parents in our living room). Pack this shadow over a black or dark brown cream base to really bring out the color shift.




“shimmering gunmetal”

Any shade described as ‘gunmetal’ automatically has my heart. I love metallic taupes like this for day and night looks, I find them so versatile and universally flattering. I like packing this all over my lid with a very blown out brown smokey liner.




“matte avocado green”

This green is much lighter than I though it would be, but I actually love pairing it with the shade Top Secret from the first palette to give a really blown out green eye look.




“matte ocean blue”

I am still trying to find the right time to pull this shade off, but I have loved patting it all over my lid in the comfort of my own home!

Inside Job



“matte dark jade”

Way lighter than it appears in the pan, this is another shade that I am having some trouble finding the time for. This is perfect for buffing into the crease after packing Trickery all over the lid.




“matte smoked hickory”

I love a nice cool brown, and even though this can sometimes be a tiny bit patchy/dry, I still continue to reach for it for my outer corners/crease.




“glinting pitch black”

As every palette needs a matte cream shade, I also believe they need a black to be truly universal. This shade is very opaque, and I like to lightly dust it in the crease/outer corner to deepen up my look, or smudged on my lash line to replace a pencil eye liner.

All in all, I can see how some may have been slightly disappointed by a few of the shades in these palettes, but when I remember the low price tag, I don’t feel that I’ve wasted my money. I love a lot of these colors, and despite the fact that I have to work with them a bit more than other shadows I own, I will continue to use these palettes. Let me know your thoughts on any of the palettes from the Vault collection!

Glowingly yours,



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