The Triple Primer Mix I Can’t Get Enough Of


I have combination skin, which can make finding the perfect primer nearly impossible. I need something to mattify my t-zone, blur my pores but also give me a base that will hold onto my make up all day long. I have yet to find one product that can do all this, so I decided to start combining some primers, and I think I have finally found my perfect trio!

Step One

After washing my face and applying my morning moisturizer, I use two pumps of the J.One Jelly Pack ($42.00) and spread it all over my face. The texture is almost gel-like, and once it is applied it has an extremely tacky feel on the skin. This stuff is like super glue for my makeup, and it keeps everything perfectly in place all day long. I have had primers that keep my makeup on for hours, but they usually end up looking patchy or dry in certain spots. The Jelly Pack stays smooth and never clings to my rouge dry patches.

Step Two

Having oily skin has always made finding the perfect primer difficult. I have tried so many different mattifying primers and while they may keep me oil free for a few hours, the shine always breaks through and I end up having to re-powder or blot. When I first felt the texture of the Erborian Extra Matte Ultra Mattifying Primer ($42.00) I didn’t think I would like it, it didn’t have the sticky feel that ultra mattifying primers tend to have. It feels a bit more like a silicone based primer, but when I add just a bit of it to my t-zone, any shine I may have had disappears. When I use this on top of the J.One Pack, I stay matte all day long.

Step Three

And last but not least, the most wallet-unfriendly but important part of the primer trio! I have enlarged pores around my nose and chin, and foundation tends to settle into these areas. Enter The Silk Canvas Protective Primer ($52.00) by Tatcha! This constantly sold out pore smoothing putty is very difficult to describe, but so neccessary in my routine. I take just a tiny bit of this and pat it into my t-zone, and voila! My pores are gone! My issue with a lot of pore filling primers are how much they can pill up underneath foundation and powder, but this stuff makes my skin look perfect and smooth all day long. I know the price tag is high and intimidating, but if I can recommend one product the most of these three, it would be this one. It really does give you a silky smooth canvas, and all of my foundation sits beautifully on top.

Let me know your go-to primer combinations!

Glowingly yours,


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