Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette






When I wandered into Sephora looking for hand cream, I never imagined I would leave in love. When my eyes landed on this palette display from across the store, I knew I had to have it. My love of mustard yellow brown tones is nothing new, but pairing them with olive and army green shades has been my newest passion. This palette is the perfect mix of browns and greens, mattes and metallics, and the formula is the usual top notch quality that Melt always brings. The shadows last forever on my lids no matter what primer I put underneath, and blending is beyond easy. Before I gush on forever lets get into some swatches.



“honey beige hue”

Though Melt always catches my eye with their dark, vibrant shades, I am always reminded that they make a pretty damn good transition shade as well. This honey color looks so natural in the crease, and something about the undertone makes it perfect for both the more mustardy shadows and the greens.



“mutable vermilion duo chrome shadow with a brilliant gold shift”

This shadow is like melting a penny directly onto the eyelid, and I wish it was more acceptable to wear shadows like this to work. I like pairing this with a darker metallic brown and a coppery eyeliner.



“classic mustard hue”

On the lids, this pulls very yellow so a little goes a long way. I use this with the deeper mustard shades as a transition higher up in the crease.



“warm tawny brown”

This is a solid staple brown for the crease, it pulls very warm so I prefer to use it with the more yellow shades in the palette.



“true brown”

The perfect neutral brown for deepening up the outer corners to bring a little more intensity to my eye looks.



“darker than your worst black out”

Matte blacks are everywhere, and yet very few give me the true pigment I want without all the chalky fallout and unimpressive color payout. This black is extremely opaque and, when patted directly onto the lid, applies so smoothly and uniformly.



“army green”

Camo green is my newest love, and this shade has the ideal undertone, just the tiniest brown tinge to make it wearable. I have loved doing a traditional smokey eye but swapping out the black for a deep green like this.



“golden lime metallic shade with dimensional glitter flecks”

I can review this shade only from the comfort of my own make up table, but not as someone who has had the guts to wear this shade out yet. One day, right?

Fire OG


“perfect olive-green”

This color is absolute perfection, and it has quickly joined the ranks in my top 5 favorite eye shadow shades, right up there with MAC’s classic Uninterrupted. This color manages to be both striking and neutral at the same time, and it brings out the green in my eyes beautifully.



“olive mustard, yorkie fur hue”

The description of this color is so adorable! This is a classic mustard yellow with a warm brown undertone, AKA the biggest staple shade in my collection. This shade really ties the entire palette together, I can pair this shadow with every possible look from the palette.


Melt Cosmetics


Gemini Eyeshadow Palette

How Much

$58.00 for 0.66 oz

Have you tried out this palette? Let me know!

Glowingly yours,



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