New Skywash Lid Tints From Glossier






The long awaited matte sister product to the Lidstar is finally here, and the colors are pulled straight from the landscapes of the Southwest. This past year I have been so drawn to liquid eyeshadows, mainly for their staying power and I will use any excuse to just have one shade all over my lid. Waking up early sucks for some (like me) so any product that gives me even a minute more in my bed before work is always welcome. These new liquid shadows from Glossier are everything I want in a day-to-day eyeshadow, because they are sheer I don’t have to worry about looking overdone, and the matte finish is always work appropriate.

I have found that the easiest way to use and apply these is a few spots directly on the lid using the wand and then tapping it out with my fingers. I like to do a few pats and then wait a second or two before blending it out so that it starts to dry down to the powder finish before I wipe any of the intensity away. Keep in mind that these are truly sheer, so don’t expect an opaque block of color on the lids. Once these dry down they last all day on my lids, and I have tried them with multiple primers. I have pretty normal lids, sometimes they can lean dry but these don’t crease at all on me.

Let’s get into some swatches and reviews of each shade!




“cornflower blue”

The week before Glossier dropped these shadows, I found myself walking around Sephora swatching all of the sky blue shadows I could find after wanting to make a post all about how to wear blue shadow. Something about the ‘forbidden’ nature of blue eyeshadow has always intrigued me, and I think matte sky blue shades are on their way in, especially for spring. Glossier absolutely nailed the cornflower blue I was searching for! It is perfectly balanced, not too much white that it looks chalky, but enough pastel beneath it to make it pop. This shade all over the lid paired with very thin black liquid liner and super fluffy lashes is the perfect Easter look.




“neutral taupe”

If I had to pick one shade to wear to work every day, it would be this beautiful mauve/taupe. This is pink enough to give a very youthful feminine look, but it has enough of a purple/taupe base that I don’t look like I have an emerging case of pink eye. I have been wearing this with a bronze brown liner smudge into my lash line and a few coats of mascara. I also love wearing a blush that matches to really compliment the whole look.




“cocoa brown”

While the initial swipe might seem intimidating, this brown is super wearable once it’s blended out. I haven’t been putting this all over my lid like the other shades, I have mostly been using this to create a more dramatically blown out upper and lower lash line. I have also been using this to deepen up the outer corners to intensify some of the light brown shades.




“burnt sienna”

If you love warm eyeshadows looks, this is the shade you should grab for sure. It appears almost red when first swatched, but it blends out into a beautiful brick orange shade. Any kind of burnt warm shade looks beautiful paired with a smoked out brown liner and a matching lip!




“warm peach”

If you like warm shadows but Terra seems a bit too much, Valley is a perfect compromise! This does not pull as warm on the lids as it looks swatched, so I have been wearing it alone all over the lid with some mascara to work. I have also used this shade on the tops of my cheeks to add a little matching flush!




“golden beige”

This is another perfect work shade, and it is probably the most natural/sheer shade of the bunch. One layer of this really just evens out my lids and adds the tiniest bit of tint, but you can also build it up and get that honey tone to show. I have also liked mixing this with some of the darker shades to make them lighter and more wearable.




“fresh green”

I fell in love with this slime green color the moment I saw it, even though wearing it to work is never going to happen. I have been obsessing over all of the electric single shadow lid looks I have been seeing at the recent award shows, and this product is the perfect beginners step! One layer of this blends out to a more yellow color, while a few layers really brings out the lime green. This is perfect paired with a matte black winged liner and false lashes.




Skywash Sheer Matte Lid Tint

How Much

$18.00 for 0.11 oz or $30 for a duo

Let me know if you’ve tried out any of these new shadows and what your thoughts were!

Glowingly yours,



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