Dry Shampoo For Your Zoom Meeting

Most of us have been restricted to traveling from our room to the living room and back for the next few months, and video conferencing has become the new norm. The good news? No need to pick out perfect outfits from the waist down or make sure our makeup looks flawless up close. Bad news? The laziness creeps in and suddenly we are on a Zoom meeting in our pajamas in bed. For me, the easiest middle ground is making sure my hair looks like I have at the very least been showering daily, and thats where dry shampoo comes to my rescue. I have very long thick hair, and because it is naturally very straight it tends to looks greasy after only a day of no washing. I have tried a million different dry shampoo products and these are the best ones I have found so far.

There are two main ways I like to use dry shampoo: a quick spray right before leaving the house, or a generous amount in my roots right before bed. If I am looking more for a refresh and a little oil absorption just at my hairline, I will do the quick spray. If I really need a whole new look, I like to really overdo it on my scalp and braid my hair then sleep on it. When I wake up I just run my fingers through any remaining white cast areas and move on with my day.

There are three forms of dry shampoo that I like to use, classic spray, powder, and foam. The spray is by far the most user friendly and practical, but the powder is what really soaks up the oil of day three without washing. There are also so many different levels of intensity with dry shampoos, you can find a light one that mainly gives some texture, or you can basically douse your head in goldbond powder and everything in between. Let’s get into my go-to shampoos!


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo $36.00

This is a cult classic product for a reason, it always delivers the hair refresh I need in a pinch. This does a great job at removing any greasiness from my roots without giving me that stiffness or any white cast. I like to spray this then wait a minute or two while I brush my teeth or get dressed. I then flip my hair over and tousle it a bit to make sure it is evenly distributed. It lasts for hours, and the lovely scent means you can touch up throughout the day without reeking of hairspray.


IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo $27.00

This is definitely the most intense and hardworking dry shampoo in my collection, and should really only be reserved for those days where you are seriously contemplating wearing a baseball hat to even look at yourself in the mirror. Charcoal is the ultimate drying ingredient, so I don’t recommend this product to anyone with an overly sensitive scalp because it will remove any and all moisture in the vicinity immediately. This can leave a bit of a white cast when you first apply it, so make sure to brush it through before hopping on your computer.


OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam $28.00

I have a love hate relationship with this product. The scent is nice, but apply just a tiny but too much and it becomes overpowering. I also have to watch exactly how much of this foam I put on and where, because it can suddenly give me crunchy gel hair if I’m not careful. I really only like using this as an overnight option, and I make sure to really brush it through my hair evenly.


R + Co Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder $36.00

I love absolutely everything about this product; the packaging, the bizarre delivery system, the scent, and of course the oil absorbing power it holds. R + Co is one of those brands that I collect 90% because of all the different packaging and styles they show, I always find myself staring at the displays for way too long in my local Blue Mercury. If the idea of a powder dry shampoo is giving you scary flashbacks of covering your bathroom sink in baby powder while trying to get just a tiny bit in your hair, have no fear. This powder product has the silliest little pump that distributes the perfect amount of powder evenly across the desired area. Because it is a powder, it can leave a white cast so use sparingly!


Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo $48.00

I know, I know, the price tag makes you want to ignore this option completely but hear me out. When I use this dry shampoo, I can totally forgo any perfume because of how long lasting and amazing the scent of this product is. Oribe is mostly known for their texturizing spray, but I really think this is their hidden gem. Not only does it remove excess oil, it also gives some volume and texture to my hair without turning it into a rats nest like most texture products tend to do to me. Is this a must have? No. Does it make me feel like an important beauty editor? Yes.


Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo $14.00

If your aren’t looking for an intense product that hurts your wallet, this Target exclusive dry shampoo from Kristin Ess is perfect for you. It does a good job of removing any greasiness without feeling stiff or overdone. There is a slight scent but it doesn’t last long, so this is also great for scent-sensitive people. I love all Kristin Ess products, and this is for sure in my top three from her. I like keeping this close by for a really quick touch up with no white cast.

Let me know your favorite dry shampoos!

Glowingly yours,


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