Black Owned Business Spotlight: Lip Products

Today’s post is all about lip products you need ASAP from a few amazing Black Owned Beauty brands. When it comes to bright shades, things like red and pink can be a bit more universal, but finding the perfect nude is totally dependent on the exact shade of your skin. What might be too washed out and light on me might be the perfect deep nude for someone else. Let’s get into my top choices in each category!

Lip Liner

Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Lip Pencils in Contour and Manhattan $28.00

From insanely talented celebrity MUA to successful founder and CEO of one of the most popular new beauty brands, Pat McGrath is no stranger to both luxury makeup and the spectrum of skin tones. When you look at the entirety of her sleekly design products, it is hard to pick a favorite, but the reviews and repurchases of these gel lip liners makes them a natural standout. The eleven choosable shades are all of the staple colors that everyone needs in their collection, but you could honestly get away with just picking one nude that matches your tone and live in it forever. On me, the shade Contour is the perfect deep nude, while Manhattan blends seamlessly with all of my dark nude/berry/red lipsticks. The formula glides on easily without pulling at the lips. The wear time on these is much longer than most gel formulas, and it’s also waterproof!


The Lip Bar Lipstick in Whiskey Sour and Merlot $13.00

Started in the kitchen of Melissa Butler after long days of working on Wall Street, The Lip Bar has gone from a Shark Tank disappointment story to a force to be reckoned with on the vegan beauty scene. Their signature lipstick comes in a stunning range of shades from nudes to bright corals, but their best selling shade Merlot is one of those rare gems that genuinely compliments every skin color and undertone. If you have yet to find that perfect deep berry shade, pick up Merlot ASAP!

Liquid Lipstick

Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Lipstick Sweet Tooth Bundle $45.00

Since I first started being interested in makeup (around 2014), Coloured Raine has been all over my screens. They were instrumental in the boom of matte liquid lipsticks that completely flooded the beauty scene in 2015/16, and their shade Mars was perpetually sold out because no one could get over just how long lasting it was. Since then they have expanded into every corner of makeup, but have never reformulated their OG lipsticks. This nude trio Sweet Tooth Bundle is perfect for those of us that cannot decide between our chocolatey, sandy, and pinky nude lip colors.

Lip Gloss

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow $19.00

You could take away every single lip gloss I owned and leave me with this Gloss Bomb and I might not even notice anything was missing. I have gone through 3 tubes of this stuff, and I am not someone that wears makeup every day. I like to keep one of these in my day to day bag, my backpack, my newest nighttime bag, and the center console of my car. I could wax poetic about this truly universal shade and formula, but this is a product that you really need to fall in love with yourself. But honestly, if you are reading this, I kind of assume you already have.

Lip Treatment

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub $12.00

A very important but often overlooked step of a beauty routine is lip care. When I used to only swipe some chapstick on once or twice a day, I was always disappointed with how poorly lip products looked on me. Once I started actually taking care of my lips as devoutly as I do my skin and hair, even less than satisfactory products started looking much better. Lip scrubs have changed the game for me, and this sweet sugar based scrub from Beauty Bakerie is both functional and so fun to use. I like to use a lip scrub at night three times a week, and especially a few hours before I plan on wearing an intense, drying lip color.

Let me know your must have lip products, and your favorite products from these brands from any category!

Glowingly yours,


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