E.L.F Bite Size Eyeshadow Palettes


Whenever e.l.f. releases new eyeshadows, I have to try them out. In the past three years this brand has completely changed their quality for the better, without raising their prices like most drugstore companies tend to do (looking at you L’Oreal). These tiny $3 four shadow palettes are perfect for people who love an easy daily eye look but don’t want to stick with the same matte shade over and over again. I have 6 of the palettes, but there are at least 9 in the full line, and I really hope they start putting out more. Let’s get into some swatches and reviews of each one!

Cream & Sugar


This is one of those perfect palettes that can be used by those completely new to makeup, the colors are so simple and versatile, but still make a polished look. I especially love the first shade as a nice neutral base all over the lid right on top of my primer.

Rose Water


I will always be helplessly devoted to any and all things dusty mauve, and the second shade in this palette spoke directly to me. In my opinion, this entire palette is worth it for that shade alone, but the two pink shimmers are also gorgeous for summer time.

Pumpkin Pie


Like pretty much everyone, I tend to revert back to classic bronze and copper eye shadows, so this palette fit like a glove. I treat these shades like two distinct looks, the first two shades giving you the perfect rust eye look, and the second two a more neutral bronze one.



Though I initially only wanted this palette for the super metallic gunmetal shade, I have fallen in love with how smooth and blend-able the matte shades are as well.

Hot Jalapeno


In my own world, green eyeshadow is having a moment, and I just keep collecting them like I set the trends. I have been preferring the last two matte shades in this palette because they are more wearable than a shimmery green. I like replacing the classic black in a smokey eye with the deep forest green in this palette.

Acai You


Did I buy this palette purely out of my love for morning acai bowls? Maybe. But I actually did fall in love with the dusty purple/periwinkle shades. Single color pastel eye looks have been huge this spring/summer, and the light matte lavender shadow in this palette is perfect for it!


E.L.F Cosmetics


Bite Size Eyeshadow Palette

How Much

$3.00 for 0.12 oz

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these palettes and what your thoughts are!

Glowingly yours,


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